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I'm extremely ready for a change. From the 10th...

I'm extremely ready for a change. From the 10th grade I've had large breast and as the years go by they've gotten worst. I'm currently wearing a 40DD however, my breast never fit completely so I might be even bigger.... Anyway my idle size is a 38C. I'm also interested in lipo for my stomach and back


Ready4abikini.. I don't know if you have insurance but for your breast look up Dr. Anthony Wolfe he is at children's hospital down south he went threw my insurance I just paid for my deductible. I heard his wife does both breast and lipo I think he just does breast. ..Good luck
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Have I heard of vanity cosmetics in Miami dr. Fisher and dr. Hassan lm in Cali and I'm flying there to have my bbl and lipo there provide amazing results esp. Dr. Hassan good luck on ur journey keep us posted:-)
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I'm not sure of which doctor I'll be going to

still haven't found a doctor!

Well I still haven't found a doctor to do my procedure with, I'm more than likely to do it with a doctor in Florida. I'm still doing my research about the procedure and doctors. I'm still looking for suggestions from you guys! :)


I've seen good reports about Dr. Revis in fort Lauderdale and Dr. Hochstein in north Miami. Check then out and good luck !
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