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So i and 21 and, I had first breast lift (peri...

So i and 21 and, I had first breast lift (peri aerial) i think its called, with implants done on Jan 2014. At first I was going to have a full mastopexy with 300cc saline mod plus implants. The day of the surgery my doctor told me we could modify this and do a mini lift(he said my measurements had changed). He also told me i could go bigger since we were not taking off too much skin. So he told me to go with 400cc Silicone implants HP. I asked if there was a big difference between mod plus and hp and he told me there was not. Unfortunately this all went terrible. I knew from the moment i got home this wasn't what I wanted. I should have went with the full lift and mod plus implants!!!! SOOOO I am going back for a revision next month! I am switching to 350cc mod plus implants with a full lift. OH and scar revision of course.

revision surgery set date

My revision surgery date is set for september 23. I am hoping that switching to mod plus from high profile and going smaller with a full lift will give me the results i want!

Natrelle style 68mp

I have decided on the implant to switch to ! I currently have natrelle style 20 (high profile) 400cc. I am switching to natrelle style 68mp (moderate profile) 330cc. I went with natrelle style 68mp because the diameter and projection is exactly what I want ! does anyone else have these implants ?
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Hello sweetheart, I'm so sorry that you weren't able to get what you wanted right away. I sure hope that you don't have to pay a lot for this revision or anything! I think you'll love mod plus it will fill out your chest more! Surrounding u with positive thoughts & prayers for a wonderful revision... Thank you for sharing & I look forward to seeing how your journey progresses :)
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thank you for the positive vibes excitedflower! Luckily I only have to pay for the anesthesia and meds! I will be posting results as soon as I have my surgery.
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yes it will , I would go up to 500 with the lift saline moderate plus "} listen your gut feeling
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thank you! the reason I have decided to go smaller is because they are way too big for me!
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