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1st off I wanna say thank you to all the dr.s that...

1st off I wanna say thank you to all the dr.s that responded to my last post about needing surgery ... Now as far as my experience, I had my right breast significantly larger than my left, a while cup size bigger.. Right was a 36 DD and left was a 36D! Dr. Sated it was a bug difference! So I had a small reduction on my right breast (only my right) and a Breast lift obviously on both and lipo on my upper back by my bra area .. So it's been 4 days since the procedure and honestly the lipo is what's bothering me! But my breasts look awesome! I know they are a bit swollen and the dr.s say it would go down a bit but I'm REALLY hoping they don't get to much smaller becuz i am very satisfied with the size now! I'm 5'6 about 150 so to small wouldn't look right.. Now I would like to know from any dr.s what would be the best scarring treatment. Ointments? Scar sheets,? Both?? Im also taking arnica pills rubbing arnica ointment.. And I have quit smoking ciggs for over a month! Please advise on what the best scar treatment .. I am super happy with my results and I'm really glad I did it! I can't wait to see the final results!
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I read this on scar therapy and found it interesting: silicone strips work for me on my tummy tuck but they were a pain.i alternated with oil. There is picture of my TT scar on my profile. At the time my PS said any oil but I researched and made my own decision. Anyway, I found the following article interesting. Getting the Best Possible Scar After Breast Reduction The obvious answer to this question is you entrusted your body to your plastic surgeon and he or she did an obviously great job (as demonstrated by your above picture). Every plastic surgeon has an opinion on wound healing and how to get the best possible scar. Having said that, I will be happy to throw my opinion into the mix. I think Mederma is a waste of money and time, and there is no proof that it actually has any lasting effect on the quality of the resultant scar. I am very opposed to Vitamin E because, chemically, Vitamin E breaks the SH bonds. These are the bonds which hold collagen fibers together, therefore, if you put enough Vitamin E on a well done surgical scar, it will break the bonds and make the scar wider. Vitamin E is good for thick, heaped up scars because it will flatten them, but unfortunately, for flat, excellent surgical scars, it will spread them. I believe in tape. Tape causes pressure. Pressure tells the new collagen fibers how to come in smoothly and not in whirls and swirls, therefore the scar won't be heaped up. This helps the scar mature faster, and mature scars lose their redness and look better. My favorite tape for tummy tucks and breast reductions is Proxy strips. The tape normally stays on for two weeks at a time, and to get the best conceivable result, may take several months of taping. The mastic keeps the scar from spreading and the pressure keeps the collagen flat, and the combination of these two lead to a quicker maturation of the scar. In short, they work. S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS
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Thank u so much for the advice! I will def. look into it! :)
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I would like to 2nd that. I just finished taping for 3 months, Dr. said 1 mo for sure. I read alot on here and found that tape ended up with the most votes by Dr.s. I did find a "silicone tape" online. It's called Mepitac Silicone tape. Its cheap $10 to $12 per box, skin colored, light, easy to work with, and actually my scars just felt better with the tape on. It was recommended by a Dr. on this site. Trust me you dont need expensive silicone sheets, regular tape, or the silicone tape is enough. My scars are great for 4 mo out. And again Thanks Dr. Ghersi
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I will check that out and also http://www.newgelplus.com/ as an option but more expensive! Using silicone sheeting was a pain but I had great results with TT scar. Tape makes sense. Thanks for the info.
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Wow, this is great info! I have had two C-sections and reconstructive surgery on my face and neck, as well as several skin cancer removals. I have tried a variety of things and thank god I have good skin, as far as scarring, but I still love new tips on how to minimize visible scars. Thank you!
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