breast augmentation - Miami, FL

Breast Augmentation - 375 cc - saline - filled to...

Breast Augmentation - 375 cc - saline - filled to 400

Went from a 34-36 A - very deflated after breastfeeding - to a C

One implant was sitting higher that the other - as if the implant never dropped into the pocket

Wasn't happy with the result or size - I have a broad wide chest / shoulder area and the implants still were too small for my body type

Scheduled revision surgery for 6 months or so from then to correct


Thank you for going back in time and writing three reviews on RealSelf. (One review for each procedure.) I am certain that the time you took to write these will be greatly appreciated by many women. It's amazing how breast feeding can wreak havoc on your breasts...but it's worth it. Good for you!

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Thank you so much for your kind words Beth! I truly appreciate it. Anything I can do or say to help anyone who is going through something similar - or someone going through the process for the first time - I am more than happy to do - that is why I wrote the reviews. I love this website - it really is a great place for information, feeling sharing, and support. I'm so glad I found it - it's great for REAL women like me!
I totally agree!! This is a wonderfully supportive site!! Everyone really genuinely care about perfect strangers and I think that is wonderful!! I had not seen your profile before. You are correct "plasticsurgeryperfection" is right on!! You look awesome!! I'm a native Floridian, SO I am soooo jealous of you right now. I'm more than ready to take me and my big boobies HOME to Tampa/St Pete area. I got salt water runnin thru my veins. PA is not the place for me. Enjoy the sun and seagulls for me too for a while. I want to see more pics of you. Maybe I just missed them. Gonna go back and look. XOXO
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