35 Year Old Mother of 5, Lost over 100 Lbs - Miami, FL

I am looking into breast implants, not sure if I...

I am looking into breast implants, not sure if I want saline or silicone. I lost over 100 lbs and breast feed twins. My breast are sagging and I have a decrease in fatty tissue in them. Can't wait to get these babies sitting up high and full like they were before I had children. Hoping for the best.
How exciting!! I know how you feel. After breastfeeding my two girls for 15 months a piece I totally lost all fatty tissue in my breast tissue and didn't know if I would ever fill out my clothes again. I battled with choosing saline or silicone....but in the end my hubby helped me pick silicone after the in office feel test and warranty conversation. But I believe both saline and silicone gives us what we want in the end and that is a full sexy bust. High profile 425cc's smooth round silicone gave me back the bust I longed for. Good luck on your decision and keep us posted. :0)
Good luck to you! I just had mine done yesterday, I have Grade I ptosis and also breast fed 2 kids. Keep us posted! :)
Thanks so much hun! Wishing you a full and speedy recovery! Keep us posted as you heel! What size are you did you go with?
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