21 and 2 Kids Later Need a Breast Augmentation - Miami, FL

I decided to get a BA I been gathering info for...

I decided to get a BA I been gathering info for about 2 years;a year after my second child was born I just recently found this page and I have found a Dr thanks to this website I was able to talk to different people and Dr offices and found what I think to be the best Dr also I got answers real fast

Picked a Dr for BA

So I picked a Dr finally I will be scheduling my BA for the first week of March im so excited...so I picked CG cosmetic surgery in Miami FL with Dr Jacob Freiman I will be traveling since I am from MA I pretty much summed up the surgery to be a estimate of 3500 thats with my sons,husband and my ticket to fly down there they by far had have the best price also they answer even the simplest question at what ever time you message them you will get a message back answering detailed with in 15-20 minutes very kind and sweet not rushing me of the phone or trying to pressure me into anything
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