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21 years old, no kids. I have had stem cell...

21 years old, no kids.

I have had stem cell breast augmentation. It failed. This is really a hit or miss procedure. I was 21 had no kids and wanted this procedure because my sister had done it. First of all, it worked for my sister kind of. She was a b cup and had used the brava system. She ended up with a C. Her doctor was in sf. Victor Liu. He pumped her boobs up to a D and she said they shrank a lot. It was worth it for her.

I had a different doctor. Let me just say he is apparently very famous for liposuction. Over 10,000 patients in his time. I heal from scars very well and quickly. I hate my scars. If your gonna get this procedure done just know there are many many scars. I have 16 unfortunately. I had my surgery performed 2 years after my sister and my scars are healing better than hers however I heal very well and quick.

Anyways, I am the a b as we'll and went up to D. However I did not use the brava system and have no kids. My fat did not stay at all within less than a year they are back to normal. Now I just have to deal with these scars. Plus, I had a bad nose job. Eyes were alright. Not happy with the work.
This happened to me too :( I did it in 2010 when it was newer and I decided not to use brava. The size increase was very modest. I think it really makes a difference to use the brava even though at the time I didn't really think it would matter. I am trying it again but this time with brava. My surgery is so expensive compared to the other prices I see here! Same doctor as before who did a good job- I already put down my deposit. I really hope this time will be better. A lot of my friends say just to get implants...
I'm sorry to hear you're not happy with your results. I'd like to hear more about the process you went through. Sounds like you did lipo whereas your sister did the Brava system. I'm assuming the scars are from injection/insertion points? (Feel free to share a photo if you're comfortable.) Hope your scars begin to fade soon! Keep us posted!
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