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I am 2 months post op from a silicone breast...

I am 2 months post op from a silicone breast augmentation. I had 550cc placed on the right breast and 400cc with a small nipple relocation on the left. For some reason the doctor made that judgement call the day of surgery. I am SUPER happy with the right breast however, the left breast is obviously too small. I know that my breast were asymemetrical to begin with but 150cc difference is a bit much to me! I want to fix the left breast by placing an implant of at least 500cc.Or should I go with 550cc since that is what I have on my right breast? Will it even out more? Is this a good decision?? Any advice you have for me! PLEASE HELP!!!!


Hi Miami,

I can sympathize as I have the same problem- although not quite as obvious? as yours. Meaning that you cant tell when I am in clothes, but I think it is noticable in a bikini. (maybe only slightly?)
I am struggling with the idea of getting a revision in my left one as well. I am only 26cc difference though.

I think you should do the revision. thats my opinion. Definitely nothing less than 475cc. Its hard for me to tell in the photo how much of a difference you have but I think getting the same exact cc's in both might make you lopsided as well. Unfortunately it isnt a science. Maybe your PS could have you try a sizer in there to try to determine how much more you should be to be even. For example you put in a 100cc and it looks even, then go with 120cc more.
Let us know how it goes! I would be interested in hearing about it.
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do you have any profile pics too? I am wondering what the slope on the top of your breasts look like.

They look very perky miami, but your doctor obviously did not make sure they were filled evenly. If you would like to make your breasts more symmetrical I suggest you ask the doctors in the forum here. They can give you a professional opinion- good luck!
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