Finally Sized at VS!!! , 420cc HP-Miami, FL

Just went for my first consultation. I chose to go...

Just went for my first consultation. I chose to go to Bod Cosmetic Surgery in Miami, fl. Its about 1 min from my apartment. They recently open, I would teill my hubby "when that place opens im going"! I cant believe it came true!
So I met with a coordinator then with Dr. Ghurani. He was so cool and made me feel at ease. I have been breastfeeding for 3 years but only from my left breast so they look different, he said on the left it will be a periareolar incision. I want a D cup so he said right now I can do 500cc, any bigger wouldnt be good first but later yes. I recently stopped breastfeeding and still lactating so he advised to wait 1 month for surgery. So now I wait for coordinator to contact me and set up a date, im thinking the middle of May.

Wow! That's awesome your ps office is so close to your home; that' s great you will be able to get 500cc for your first augumentation; most girls have to start off smaller! Your welcome to look at my pics if you like.
I had seen your pics before, your a pro! they fit you great!
Thank you

So I have not head from my coordinator about...

So I have not head from my coordinator about getting approved for financing, I think if they take long its gonna be a big fat NO! I have a not so great credit score so I do not have high hopes. If she does not contact me on tues I will call in and check I want to get my exact date already so I can prepare my mind. I use to be very active about 2 years ago and I was way more thinner (117) than I am now (154), but I was not happy with my body I was smaller yes, but my butt was flat and the breast that was not breastfeeding was just a nipple! The only part I was happy with was my arms, they were thinner than ever and had some tone, oh yea and my cellulite was not as bad. But I do want to be in better shape when I go for surgery, I want to be more toned especially in my arms since my upper body will change with the implants. So Im back to my old faithful 30 day shred dvd from Jillian Michaels, man I took a beating tonight! Since I have about 1 month this plan is good, she really kicks my butt!

Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! Were your breasts always different size, even before nursing? Often times doctors will use different size implants on each breast if the breasts are different size. Hopefully one month will give your breasts enough time to get back to pre nursing condition. Let us know what happens with your financing and good luck with your 30 day shred!!  ;)

Hi, no my breast were not uneven before just small an A cup. When I go back to see PS I assume he will explain more to me on the sizing, I am having concerns of 500cc being too big, but I guess that can be all talked about. Thank you!

Just found out no financing for me :(. So only...

Just found out no financing for me :(. So only boobs, I would of loved a tummy tuck too! I called the PS office to set a date for surgery, Im thinking May 31. On Saturday I have an appointment to go pay off balance and see the Doctor again, we had agreed on 500cc saline high profile but I think thats a size I dont want to be. Ive been looking at alot of before and afters and I always seem to like 400cc or even less. This time im taking pictures to show him what I would want to look like, that way he will have a better picture of what I want and then he can suggest better. Also I will be having aeroplastic on leftside if that makes sense, because my left breast is more saggy and bigger than right so he said something about cutting off some... tissue? or something so their not so different like now.
My left breast still has milk but they dont get engorged anymore like before when my son wouldn't feed for a long time so its deflating :-/. Its been a week since I stopped breastfeeding my big baby (hes almost 4), its been tough on him but hes been such a champ! He now sleeps all night and morning, which is awesome for me! :)
Im still keeping up with my workouts and diet, clothes are starting to fit better! :)
No way those are 450 Implants they are Hugh!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a 34 D and I was an A cup
i know, so confusing, thats why im not basing my choice on cc's, Im gonna show my DR that pic just to show I dont want them like that.
Who's are you talking about?? Different heights accept cc's differently!

So its all set May 31 will be my surgery day, omg...

So its all set May 31 will be my surgery day, omg I cant believe it! I always wished for this day, I'll be 29 in july and doing this will make feel better of almost being 30! Eventhough i feel 20 still ;) Saw my doctor and he cleared up my size concerns, well he never said 500cc, actually he wrote down 420 implant and can fill to 500cc. He explained that with my size and figure putting a 400 implant and going 450 is good, he can add 80cc more from the 400cc implant. He assured me he will give me the look i want (plenty of top clevage)
Now im feeling confident that he will give me a great look. May 10 is my labs appointment. So now I wait and keep shaping up, 6 weeks to go!!!
So to be clear 400cc implant filled up to 480 or less, subpectoral, saline, and will have to do something to fix uneveness, he explained but cant put it in words :)
Yes!!!! Boobies!!!!!

Oh and they will be High profile, aerola incision.

oh and they will be High profile, aerola incision.
yay! how exciting! i go for my consult may 10th, i was thinking i didnt want more than 400cc as well, so we will see what the dr says! I hope u have a quick recovery, cant wait to hear how it goes! good luck!
Congrats on your big day! Just wanted to suggest trying the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. I also do the 30 Day Shred & love it but believe my body has gotten more toned by alternating between the two. Just a nice way to keep it fun. And a big hooray for boobies!
I have 480cc Ultra High Profiles...I love the size!!! Had my surgery Jan them more everyday :) Good Luck!

Its MAY!! 10 more days for labs!, so can anyone...

Its MAY!! 10 more days for labs!, so can anyone briefly explain what happens, what there looking for? I could google but I want to hear from someone here :) Do you have to wait days for results or do they tell you right away? Until they tell me everything is good It wont set in, still cant imagine myself there in the operating room, yikes, nervous!
Im going to see my GYNO on the 7th for a regular woman test just to make sure Im ok down under, also they wont do a mammogram on me at PS office so Ill have her check my little ones to make sure nothing weird going on.
Thanks in advance for anyone that stops by, have a good week!
I have 400 left/ 450 right silicone unders HP. I feel HUGE. I don't think they are too big looking when I'm clothed tho. I have a big butt and hips so they do balance me out. 29 ribcage, 13 bwd , 36(now)- 27- 38, im 5"3. Once I take off my clothes I think they are super big. I'm only 2 weeks so I'm just getting used to them.
I am having my surgery on the 31st too!

Breast exam went well :). Hoping pap results go...

Breast exam went well :). Hoping pap results go well too. This Friday I go for lab testing at PS office, nervous!

PS office rescheduled labs and final payment until...

PS office rescheduled labs and final payment until this coming Tuesday at 12pm.
I really wanted it done already, oh well....
I am on the 31st too. we will be healing together

So labs and ekg done! I also paid off my balance...

So labs and ekg done! I also paid off my balance and paid for a surgical bra as well. Got my written instructions, meds will be prescribed after surgery. Told not to take any kind of vitamins or aspirin drugs. Advised to drink pineapple juice or take papaya pills to help with bloating. So hoping theres no problems with tests and everything goes as planned! 17 more days!!

If your looking for Zip front sport bra

Just came accross a great sale on zip front sports bras if your interested:
Yeiiiiii... 3 more days hun for you wow... Im soooo excited for you! Dont be scared ok u wont be awake in the operating room long enough to be scared u will be knocked out quickly n thats the best sleep cuz u dont even knowrest when u fall n when u wake up n look ur chest u got boobies! You will be on the orthet side baby girl! I have u in my prayers n thank you for the white candle seems to work he is been a sweetheart to me today all day all night! :) xoxo
Oh yay!! Hoping you guys get through everything, enjoy the good times!!
Thank you hun, we are tryin to work things out so Im happy for that too. :) xoxo

The wait is over to turning back now..

So tomorrow is the day need to be there at 8:30am, Office is down the street from my home so no worries there.
So just to summarize myself Im 28, married, 2 kids girl 9 boy 3.5.
5'4 150lb
29in waist, 41.5in hips
under bust 33in over bust 34.5= 38b bra size
Im doing Saline implants, HP, Subpec, areola incision with aeroplastic on left breast, Dr has me at 400 or 420 implant and will fill accordingly.
I had stopped breastfeeding in april so we decided to wait a month to have surgery. I have dried up a lot but if i pinch the nipple hard thicker milk comes out. The left one has deflated alot since then and just looks weird, the nipple sinks in. So this surgery for me is more about fixing this problem, as long as I can have them look round and more even I'll be happy.
So I think I am ready and have everything I need. I could not get a recliner in time so I am just gonna make me a comfy space on the sofa, will get all my kids happy nappers and my husbands pillow, I bought a "total pillow" for my neck. I have 1 zipper bra and some other more comfortable bras hopefully they fit well. I bought some looser tanks just in case I am overly bloated like ive been reading here that most are. Ice packs and peas are in the freezer, Gatorade's, bendi straws are set and I have grab and go health bars and food ready. Im cleaning somewhat because with my son nothing stays in place for more than 5 seconds, still washing clothes since yesterday, my feet are tired!

quesiton, what did you take with you on surgery day that helped or you saw was a good idea.
I wont get meds after surgery so im taking some extra strength Tylenol.
So im off to dye my roots and tan my chest, I have a nasty natural collar tan trying to even it out as much as it can with self tanner :)

Wish me luck!!!
Good Luck today! Everything will be fine and you'll have a great beginning to your journey.
Looking forward to that, thank you
Good luck honey. Sending healing prayers!

Trying not to be nervous

Omg its my turn, trying to be calm dont wanna panic!
Read to just take a small bag with id, i have my sun glasses a mirror my insurance for the prescriptions and my house key. Will be leaving a pillow in ride.
My stomach is so hungry! I hope not to get dizzy!
I used the wisps to brush teeth so i wouldn't swallow any water with my reg. brushing.

Here i am

Took b4 pics in my undies, embarrassing! I got not so smooth thighs, good thing i taned!
Best wishes girlfriend!!!
So excited for you!!!!!!! I have 3 days left!
Best of luck girl xoxo

Its done

Glad to be here after ba, thank you to all the well wishes!!
I am home with minor pain, my right hurts way more im a lefty for the moment.
Drinking gatorade hubby looking for my pills Vicodin and 3 others, 1 for in case i leak milk, hope i dont though.
So brief dr was awesome didnt have to do anything to left bigger one i think he said, saline hp smooth mentor 420cc both. Have not seen them naked yet but from bra i like appt tomorrow just to check with other dr, next week with my dr i was told. To june gals good luck going under was easy


They already look fantastic
i am liking them, thank you
Congrats! From what I see they look good! I hope u have a smooth recovery :-) xoxo

Right breast pain

Hey gals so im getting burning sensation on the bottom of my right breast, should I ice it?
My left is being so good, left hurts more and i cant lift my arm that much like the other. Dr told me right gave him harder time, maybe because it was smaller?
Well i have not ate too much have not slept for long and if i walk more than just to bathroom i lose my breath so im taking it easy in couch. Had to lower my vicodin prescription for it to be cheaper not sure if its helping, second dose at 9:30pm.
hey how is it going?
Sucks! My right boob keeping me down :(. Still on meds cant do much. Will do my first shower later, You?
You look great girl. ..Rest up and be pampered xoxo

1 week in

So I am 1 week into Post Op, man the first 3 days were hell!!. All my pain was in my right breast, I could hardly move my arm. I felt so much burning sensations at the bottom of it. I had to do everything with my left hand (even wipe) that was a bit hard. To move my squirmy self from laying/sitting to standing was so painful!! Vicodin was my friend for those 3 days, I was so dizzy so tired so lazy so bloated! for 4 days straight! If I had a job to go to I would of quit!! I could not focus, I would get up to the bathroom or walk a lil bit and as soon as I sat down I would fall asleep for a long while. The incline position we need to be at really sucks I was losing butt feeling!! I just wanted to flop on my stomach or be on my side. I was not too constipated I did go on my second day post op, my husband got me some chocolate laxatives from walgreens and I just needed about 6 little pieces to get things going and

The surgery went well I didnt feel anything until I woke and sat up, my chest felt heavy, as soon as the nurse put on the bra and strap I felt good. I went in at 10am for surgery and left the clinic at 1;30pm. The doctors were really pleased and talked to me before I left. My right breast was the one hurting and DR.G told me that it gave him a harder time, when I went in the next day one of the Dr saw me and told me that my right breast muscle was very weak, assuming I never done any type of workout in my life! (i may not be a fitness buff anymore) but I didnt think that was the problem. I saw DR.G today and he explained to me that even though my breast look different when I was laying down they actually came down the same spot, that because my son beat my left one up with breastfeeding it was just more looser and easier to make the pocket, now my right breast was more tighter so he really had to work that pocket.

My left one is healing faster, my nipples are in different positions at the moment, I hope that changes at the end because I want to be able to go bra less and if the nipples show through I want them to look even enough. He has me wearing the strap so it can help the right one along, He saw that the bra they gave me there was to tight at the bottom and was probably not helping the right one fall so he told me to not wear it anymore ($40 bra!) they should of gotten me a bigger size that one was L, I did pay for it and all.
So he showed me some massages to do, which actually feel good, I have you tubed some other ones in case I forget the ones he showed me.
So I have another appt with Dr.G in 2-3 weeks. He asked me if i was happy and i said "yes" but I want to see them fall.
lookin soo good hun
so i was looking at your stats and im 5'5 150 and a 34b now. im a little confused from reading stories on here and im hoping you can help. My doctor told me shes using moderate plus, at the time i had no idea what that meant because i hadnt seen this website yet so i asked her. She said because of my chest size, moderate plus would be the best fit because i was a bit wider. But your pretty much the same size as me, and u have a 38 band size, and im only a 34. so im confused and im pretty sure i like the look of hp better. any insight?? you look great btw! awsome results!
I never used a 38 band bra, when i would see them the cups were huge, i just measured and thats what an online calculator said, ive always been wearing 36b. My dr told me hp because it gives for more clevage which is what i wanted, i never asked about the others and he never brought it up. You could go ask another ps and see what they think if not just ask your ps now about your concern. Thank you!!

Its been 3 weeks..

So im at the 3 week mark I have 420cc saline hp with a subpec placement. I started working out and I feel i can jog but I dont do it because I have not asked my ps yet. Dancing does not feel to fun yet and I have to wear the strap to feel ok. I am seeing how they are not as high as before and not being able to wear a bra to make them rise is sucking. My right boob is still very hard more rounder and higher than left, I feel im gonna have some issues with that one dropping, but dont know im still in the early weeks.
So far Im not happy with size...I see my ps next thursday its too early to be asking for bigger, ill wait til the 6 month mark...December cant come any quicker!
The pain will decrease - I promise you :-)
Yes it has! :)
Hey girl. ..hang in there. I think we're both having some boobie greed issues. Problem we have by being wider and those ccs just get swallowed up lol. Im still not convinced that my size I can deal with. I got 450cc but only mod plus profile so even less projection than you. Think that 600cc high profile would give me the look I was after. Im trying to come to terms with my boobs without having a revision. ...hugs Shelly xoxo

9weeks post

Still wish they were bigger, on a good note im losing weight and good inches off my body. My bust is 38in before 34.5. Im able to run at any speed and they dont bother me, i do upper body exercises except anything involving the pecs. I have not seen my ps since 1 week post ill be seeing him at 3months for sure.

Earlier pics

so what size bra are you now? I was reading your review and the black bra with pink says look bigger then that for sure...
I have not been out bra shopping yet. Im waiting for the ok from my ps. Yea that bra is a 36b its a bit small there my before bras. I measured myself and looked it up online in a bra calculator it said 36F but i dont know for sure.
how did you even get into it?? haha

girls be careful...almost went here!!

Bought some sports bras

so I went to burlington, picked up some sports bras, I saw the 36D and looked too big, so I bought the 36C.. well the cup is too big and the straps felt to loose...WTH Im not a D and maybe barely a C!! this sucks....I guess I gotta go shop at VS so they can lie to me and feel better about my tiny fake boobs! I see my doctor at 3months post I hope my husband doesnt go in with me so I can ask my PS about getting them bigger!
I really don't think you should label your bra size according to some sports bras you bought at Burlington. Get sized @ Vs @ Nordstrom, of you have one near you. I know people say Vs sizes 'big' & Nordstrom sizes more 'true', but my result was the same at each shop. (Just a friendly sggestion. :) I'm no expert, but I don't see how 420hp could result in a B. That said, I went to Target pre-BA & was shocked at how large their sizes ran. My head could have fit in the cups! (No thanks!)
Yes im hoping they are not right! Just as soon as my ps says i can wear a reg bra im going to VS... I wont but no more numbered sports bras ill go for s,m,l type now. Thanks


So i took pics of the sports bra... Maybe my band size should be smaller?
I sympathize with you!! I got 492cc and I'm too small also. I see my PS on Wednesday to see about going bigger. I still have to wear push ups!!! My chest seems to just swallow my implants,,,I look like a C naked..and it sucks!!!
awww I know its tough to deal.. I know no damn drop and fluff will make them any bigger! we had to be the unlucky ones :(
This has info that I think would be helpful for many of us. I used method 1 under "modern sizing". Pretty easy!


What bras from VS do you reccomend to push these babys up and make them look nice with tops!? I never been to VS and want something cute from there.
You look really great! :) Idk if you've all ready may tried this but I found out the gals at VS are not certified to measure bra sizes. But at Chinos, Dillard's, Nordstrom, they are required to be certified bra sizers. But the nice thing about it is it's free. Also, you'd be surprised at your size once you are measured! :) I have been getting the lightly lined, underwired bras at VS and they look great! So do the non-lined, lacy ones :) anything in the Very Sexy or Angels collections are awesome!
I dont want them to measureme me, ill just go and play around, i can measure myself at home. Thanks for the siggestions ill go for those!
try the VS Very Sexy push-up and the Dream Angels push-up. I have both and love them

15 weeks post

Before and now. They are getting so soft and very squishy!! 420cc hp saline sub pec.
In before pic I was 156# now 140#.
5'4 medium frame.
Here's my thing I thought with getting breast implants there would be no need for push-up bras! Was I wrong?!?
it depends how your breast originally fall and how they fall after the implants, in my before mine were separated and low, now with implants they are bigger more similar but still somewhat apart, so If it want them to get together and give that awesome cleavage look I need a push up, bra. I think thats what sets everyone apart when it comes to the outcome. Dont ya agree?
They look amazing! Congratulations

Just a quick question gals!!

Im 4 months post now, not been able to see my ps since a week post!! My boobs are nice and look good now, i had them inserted by areola no more stich look, they bounce when I Run/jump and squeeze now. Have not been bra shooping yet, you think its ok to wear underwire yet? Thanks!
also the very sexy push up by VS is a nice one! not too much padding but it makes a huge difference!
Ok thanks!!
I bought the fabulous push-up by VS, which is also great. Have fun shopping, MizzG!

4 months post op pics

4 months post

4months post

             looking good!
Looking great! What size where u before? And what did 420 cc get u at? Incision?
Thanks. Before i was 2 diff sizes my left boob was close to b cup when breadtfeeding and right was tiny not even A. I have not been out bra shooping, so just go by meaduring says i should be a 36D.

Happy now

I am liking my boob size now! They are getting almost perfect! Which they were not at all before.
Wow, the look changed a lot just between 4 and 5 weeks! Looks great!
You mean months? lol

Just a pic

Your BA is perfect. You should be very happy. And try the soft sports bras from Champion at Target. Super comfy and very reasonable. I have not graduated to other bras yet, but I prefer sports bras anyway. Especially when they give great cleavage:)
I will check on them, i need some clevage help for sure as mine are a bit seperated! Thanks

I would say they are perfect! I mentioned your profile name and the HauteLook bra for recovery in a ReaslSelf Forum about recovery bras. Feel free to comment on the Forum. Thanks for your updated photos. Glad you are happy with your new look!


Im a 5.5 months post today

Almost 6 months post and it felt like forever to see good change. I took alot of pics throughout these months and I remember how sometimes i freaked out if I saw something not right, its still been a mind game with breast size, i guess I was expecting someone else's results, which is not good. Its good to know what you want, tell your doctor and come to a good size, my dr told me right off that too big couldnt be done at first, so even if i wanted bigger i dont think it would of been a good choice, as my skin stretches then it would handle more, so I understand why the first time for most is not the last :-)
Also what i dont like is how my breast are far apart but thats how they were before so implants cant make it different so i gotta invest in a good bra to help! So jealous of the gals that have their boobs right in front! Lol
I made a collage of how my breast changed so first timers dont freak when the boobs look a mess, oh and i broke out alot the first 3 months around my breast, then went away. So im assuming its normal.
They look great! Excited to do this myself :)
Thanks for posting the progression photo.  That really helps those of us impatient to see results.  I mean they almost look like different people!  It's really very encouraging when I am 4 weeks post op and anxious to know how close to the final look I am!.   I'm right there with you in having a space in between, though I'm really hoping for a good amount of side boob when they finally drop. I think that look will help balance out my wide hips.  So I'd be totally satisfied if mine turned out like yours!
Glad it helped! Thats true i dont mind side boob! :-)

Pic update

Still loving them, looking very natural, bouncy, and I feel Sexy! :)


Just a question from me.. when you lie down do your boobs fall out to the side. I see your lying down pic and wonder if they look that amazing lying down or are you holding them together? Mine fall out to the side which I'm disappointed with.
Mine do too Shelly :-(
Thats how they look, im not holding them just putting shirt down. Ive taken more and they dont go to sides, im assuming because I have high profile ones. Are yours another profile?

Big boobs small waist finally!

So when i came to realself i was oit of shape tried to get good before surgery didnt happen, so since june 3 weeks post ive been working hard! Mainly so my boobs could look bigger because I was a bit dissapointed that they looked small in clothes! But now after 20 pounds gone and at 136 im loving my whole body look! I wanna just hug and kiss my Dr! He did good!!! :)
Looking good!
Thank you friend! :)
You look amazing, I hope my results are as good as yours


You look awesome! Have you noticed any rippling in your breasts since you've lost weight? I want to lose about 15 pounds but scared about having any rippling.
No way! They look more perfect!

Still loving them!

My weight down to 134
Boobs looking bigger n awesome!!
No problems still massage them, feels good :)

Another week

So another week passed and so loving my boobs!! They are so perfect!!! My Dr is the bomb!! :))

Congratulations on the weight loss too! What a great way to achieve your goal look without a revision!

Thank u! Saved some money ! Lol

Totally! ;)


Another week!

So i think i got my wish boobs!! Salma how you doing!?? LOL
Did your boobs get bigger when they fluffed after all the swelling went down?
The time they were bigger was when they were swelled up! I liked them then, as they healed they looked smaller :( so lising weight has made them appear bigger. :)
Looking Fabulous!!!

Another week :))

Ok the first pic i put made me cry! Lol
Thats the look i wanted all my life!!! :)) all is still going good! :))
Wow. Im sched for a bbl 9/23 with Dr.G but I hve to say my eyes hve been wondering with the breast. I want a lift. He did an awesome job on you. Btw what office was your procedure done at?
In coral gables area at Bod
So did you get to be so much bigger/fuller than me and go 5cc's less than say you had 420? I've had the surgery done and am still confused about sizing, LOL...I'm a goof ball I know (-; Hugs and once again, happy 4 u!

More time ...

Still loving and having fun! :)
Looking at your colleagues your boobs look like they got bigger when they dropped
They took shape thats for sure!

Another week...

Still doing good..


Full body pic

They fit me well now that im getting fitter!!
i cried reading this just now!!! i cnt wait for the day when i see the look i want in the mirror.. cnt wait for the date to actually be decided
Aww dear, i hope you go through it when your ready! Good luck !!
omg G ur looking great... how life with the boobs darling

Some nee pics!

Wow almost 1 year post!! Everything still awesome!

Uncovered pics


Amazinggg results! They fit you perfectly
Thank you!!
oh my im loving ur pix grlll.

11 months!! :)

Pic updates. 420cc on both, saline, HP

Just for fun..

Heres a pic of when i first got my boobs about 2 weeks after, i didnt know i was that out of shape! Plus i feel surgery had me bloated! yea thats what it was lol and my After around Feb 2014. :-)
Thanks good to know :). I don't have a lot of fat in there either so hopefully it will be the same for me. Mostly just stretched skin.. gotta love the aftermath of breastfeeding lol. SO worth it though!
Then you will be fine!! Good luck with everything!
Wow you look great! I just wanted to ask you, did you find that your weight loss had any effect on your boobs? I was also hoping to lose a few pounds before surgery.. unfortunately life gets in the way and things don't always go as planned lol. I am just a little worried that my natural breast may sag around the implant if I lost weight. I know everyone is different but I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

1 year boobies birthday!!!????

So its been one year since my surgery. That felt slow n fast lol. Now im still not happy with the size, i did expect porn star boobs lol.. But Dr said not at first, better to do it gradually. So i know someday I will go bigger and this time I wont be shy about it! Its not too expensive here in Miami so I know it will be sooner than later maybe for my 32th bday (ill be 30 in july) I never had complications and I have felt fine, my scars on my areolas are not even noticeable. I still feel my right is higher than my left, but that was like that before, and Dr said no one is Perfect. I bought a joe boxer bra and its 36C but I dont think its my size. I will be going to VS soon i wanna be some kind of a D!! :) So to recap I got 420cc of saline High profile sub pec through areolas. I love the high profile effect. Now i wish i had 620cc instead lol Good luck if your on your way to fake boobie land!! I say its so worth the pain!!!
So I was reading your thread .. Did you only take extra strength Tylenol for pain after your BA? Btw you look amazingggggg!
Thank you!! I actually took Vicodin for some days and my hubs had muscle relaxers which helped better, i didnt get a prescription for muscle relaxers but I think its a good idea to ask. :)
you look amazing MizzG!! I am also thinking about going 390 filled to 420 cc and i'm so glad another Real Self friend referred me to your page!! The only difference is that I'm going moderate profile. I just don't want that much of a high profile projection...but yours look fabulous on you. What size bra are you currently wearing now? I'm afraid if i go 390 filled to 420cc i will end up being DD's :/

Finally went to buy bras!!

So finally I went to Victorias secret, she sized me at 36D and in Bombshell 36C. I am happy with that size! :) i bought two bombshells a lovely pink one and a black lace one! Omg $65!! But so worth it! I got credit and my husband said "buy buy" lol im online checking for more regular styles, I cant wear those bombshells with reg shirts would look so fake!! LOL, please let me know which ones are good to wear for everyday, i saw some from PINK that looked cute, free shipping online right now so i want to get more!! ;)
you look amazing hon :) knocked Selma right out of the park ! :)
Thanks for your recent update and happy 1 year Surgiversary! You really look great. Glad to see you're enjoying your new look!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

If you want wonderful results and no complications go with my Dr!! Off the bat he knew what would work for my body type! I see it now! Make sure to go to his main office its been hard to get him in the office i went to for post op appointments.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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