BA in Miami... Getting Anxious - BA in Miami... Getting Anxious - Miami, FL

I've had 3 children, all breastfed each for more...

I've had 3 children, all breastfed each for more than a year. After breast feeding my first child I knew I wanted to get them done, they lost the volume and the perkiness they once had. I lost the weight fast due to nursing, I also workout daily and im left with saggy Skin, and no volume in my chest.. I'm anxious to get them done, I would like to feel womanly again it's been too long without a chest! Lol
I'm petite 5ft and 100 pounds, not sure what size to go but i wanna go big.. any suggestions?
I'll keep updating but any tips and recommendations would be great!


Thanks for sharing!
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Im from Canada and Traveling to Miami to get my BA...

Im from Canada and Traveling to Miami to get my BA done. So I havent actually met my Dr but I have spoke to him on the phone and by email and he sounds awesome and informative. His reviews on realself are great as well as on other websites, Ive been googling to find at least 1 bad review but I cant! which is great!

Im trying to make a list of what to bring for post op and vitamins to take. Most Multivitamins have Vitamin E, but I research alot and I found some multivitamins w/o Vitamin E, it's called Freeda vitamins- T-Vites, for 250 caps it was only $19+. I will also start taking Bromelin and Arina 3 days before I leave to Miami.

Any suggestions on what items I may need post op? Polysporin/gauze?


I'm so glad you started your story on RealSelf! What does your surgeon say about sizing for you? Here's what some doctors say about implant sizing.

Looking forward to following along on your journey. Please keep us posted!

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