Im 23 years old. 5'6 & weigh about 138lbs - Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

Im 23 years old. 5'6 & weigh about 138lbs. Im...

Im 23 years old. 5'6 & weigh about 138lbs. Im looking to enhance and add volume to my butt being that I don't really have one lol. I went for a consultation in Miami with Dr. LaGrasso. I was a little skeptical and still am about getting it done because I really don't know how much fat there is, but the Dr says I have enough. I was hoping to do the lipo from my upper & lower abs, back & arms. Any second opinions?
Welcome future doll n good luck hun mwahz oxox
You're sx is 4th?!! Best of luck. Mine is 12/13 and I'm 5'4" 136 and my doc says no need to gain. There's actually some good doc comment section on this saying don't gain ESP if you will lose after but I know that all the DR doc and RS reviewers recommend opposite. Did doc see your wish pix? I don't necessarily want the biggest booty I can get... Want slightly bigger than proportionate and small waist for serious curves. Plz keep up posts of your process and recovery! Happy Thanksgiving
Thanks and I more explained to the doctor how I wanted it no picture at first just an example or something similar that he did, I also went for a second opinion w the wish pic , they told me I was good to go, thanks I'll keep u updated and good luck and happy thanksgiving to u too!
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