Anyone Want to Swap for Earlier? May 24th - Miami, FL

Hey my beautiful bbl sisters! I finally scheduled...

hey my beautiful bbl sisters! I finally scheduled my surgery with Dr.Salama and I'm super excited but kind of bummed out. My fiance surprised me this Valentines Day with a trip to Paris this summer June 1st-5th and I know I won't be at all remotely healed by then... I'm in such a dillema.

I dont want to go with another surgeon.. And as excited as I am for my surgery I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to swap for something later but it's worth a shot! If not, I'm totally postponing Paris, I've been waiting so long for this... uugghh lol I guess they'll be other trips.

Wait.... I was wrong.. I wanted August date. Sorry for the confusion... Thnx!
I would love to switch but mines in Sept 28. If u change ur mind keep me in mind!! I can't wait to do mines
hey i dont have an appt with him but im waiting to have a internet consult w/ him. i want the earliest possible so if u cant trade w/ someone i may like to take ur date & then maybe at least u wont lose any money
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