Tummy Tuck/ Butt Lift 500 Cc Each Booty Cheek - Miami, FL

At first I wanted to go to dr.yily in the d.r but...

At first I wanted to go to dr.yily in the d.r but I changedx my mind. One of my close friends had the same prodecure with dr.salama and I love her results. Basically I'm going to stay in the same hotel she stayed and I'm hiring the same nurse and driver.I sent the same pictures below to dr.salama and his staff contacted via email with a quote. They told me I would have to loose 40 pounds. The only problem I had was after the tummy tuck and bbl he said I would have to come back to get my sides and back done.


Lol thanks i was in a rush. Havr anybody else? Had a tummy tuck befor?

going to the dr sometime in februaury

hello my real self sisters. I have been on this site day and night. I have finally decided to start working out this week ugh


Well i just got my price from dr.yily. Yes im do excited! I have to loose 60 pounds!! I'm so excited. Now I'm just waiting on my price for Dr.Duran. I have my favorite doctor which, is Dr.Duran. I'm just scared to go out of the u.s lol. Well I guess ill pray about it I really want the best results which is why I'm considering the dr lol
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Congrats on starting your Wouk out!! I Need to get up and start myself.
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which hotel did your friend stay in? and i had a tummy tuck four years ago with a mini bbl in nyc. now i'm going for 1000 cc bbl.
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sorry I just seen your post she stayed in the Hampton Inn. she had a rate of 50.00 per day because she had a relative that worked at the hotel. who did your tummy tuck
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Dr Douglas steinbrech did mine. I just put up a pic of it before all this weight gain.
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Loosing weight is a struggle I myself am dealing with the same thing. I have to loose weight.
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74,000 ?LOL
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I said the same thing. Lol
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