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So I have been a RealSelf Member for over 2 and a...

So I have been a RealSelf Member for over 2 and a half years and have been trying to schedule a date with Dr. Duran. Initially I was unable to have the surgery due to me being in school and it not fitting in my schedule. Now that I am done with school (for now), I would like to have surgery in July but Dr. Duran is hard to get in contact with. she has given me a quote and everything but I tried to send my deposit and was unable to. I tried talking to the girl Elizabeth that is Duran's patient coordinator and she couldnt understand a word I was saying. So for now, Duran is out the picture. Plus I heard she was booked well into September anyway.
Now I am looking at a couple of doctors in Florida, Dr. Salama and Dr. Anthony Hasan. Salama obviously has amazing results, but he is kind of pricey. I have seen a few of Hasan's patients on here and they are pretty amazing as well and his prices are half that of Dr. Salama's.
Once I hear back from Dr. Hasan, and get a final quote, I'll know who Im gonna go with.

Pre-Op Pics

So I definitely don't think im going with Dr. Hasan any more. Vanity is too unorganized for me. And for those that have asked me, I am 24 years old, 5'9 and 200 lbs.

More pre-op pics

More Wish Pics

I'm confused

So I just spoke to one of the girls that works at CG cosmetic surgery. This is where Dr. Fisher works at. Well according to her, he is currently not working there. So all the girls that are scheduled to have surgery with Dr. Fisher, where is he working exactly? I just get so damn confused cause so many doctors in Miami either are working at two different pratices or they leave one to work at another. If anyone is having surgery with Dr. Fisher, how were yuo able to get a quote from him?

new doctor

i kbow i havent been in here in months. but life happened and i had to put all my plans on having surgery on hold. but ive decided that im having surgery in december. i am either having the procedure with dr. fisher or this doctoe i just found out about dr. hernendez. there is another docot dra tania or something as well and her work is amazing ao i may go with her. by august i will hve paid my deposit for a doctor. just have to do a little more research.

Finally decided

So I have finally decided who i am going with. i have hears only good things about Dr. Medina so thats whom I will be going with either in Nov or right after new years. I am paying my deposit tomorrow. If anyone has had surgery with her, how was your experience?


So I haven't been on RH for about 7 months. Just trying to take care of some personal issues and my finances right now. As far as who I am thinking of going with, it is.definitely between Medina and Almonte. Both are greay doctors with amazing results.
Will be paying my deposit within the next few weeks. Looking for May or June dates?

Paid deposit

So I finally put done a deposit for
BBL with Dr. bello. She does a lot of bigger girls and her results are amazing. May be having surgery as soon as august before I start school.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon


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