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I've been wanting to have A BBL sing 2002, but I...

I've been wanting to have A BBL sing 2002, but I never would sacrafice my money. I will alway take a trip every year instead of having the procedure. I promise myself that I will do the BBL by my 40th bday and it like it will be happening in 2week. I'm prary fo a successful surgery both health and conturing.


Wish you good luck
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good luck!
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Counting Down

I have less than 2 weeks for surgery with Dr. Anthony Hasan, my booty should be great by my 39th bday. I have to work hard on toning my thighs but I know the Doc will give my body life. I'm hoping to have a Tummy Tuck next Year same time lets see how this go.

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Just the yucky view of my buttock 13days before my transformation.


Did you havr the surgery. .can you post pictures. .im gping to Dr hansan in March
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1 day post op

I was so stressed abour my surgery but Dr. HASSAN AT Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Center OR staff are the best. They really care about you and your Health. He made sure I wad medically cleared before my procedure. I would not change anything.


Girl you look great....
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Yes you can see the photos 1day post op
Vanity Cosmetic Center

The doctor has been very truthful with my consultation lets see what happen

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