Planning on Getting Procedure Done in June 2013 - Miami, FL

I really want to have the BBL done and am going to...

I really want to have the BBL done and am going to the consult on FEB 20th. I originally picked Dr Jimmerson and scheduled a consult but he is sooooo busy and booked the consult isnt until JAN 8, 2014!!! 11 months??? Someone I know said Dr Salama results are about the same, so I'm going to him, Plus he is only 3 hours away, DR J is an 8 hour drive. My current weight is 171 and I am 5'7. I would like to see more results of the BBL on women my height and around my weight. I just joined and do not know how to get intouch with ppl on here but I'll get there. I really need to know what supply I'll need post-op and what to bring to the consult. I am ready to get a donkey bootay!!!! LOL


Hi there,

Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. So, is 06/03 your consultation date with Dr. Salama, or is that your surgery date?

If you want to read about other people's experiences, you can use this link to read all of the BBL reviews, or this link to specifically read reviews for Dr. Salama.

If you find a review that you want to comment on, just write a message in the "post a comment" box, underneath the review or you can send the person a private message (PM) by hovering over their user name and clicking on "send private message".

Hope this helps!


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Have a consult with Dr.Perry 2-28-13, I am...

Have a consult with Dr.Perry 2-28-13, I am considering Dr
Jimmerson, Salama, and Perry.


Did you have your consult with Dr Perry? How did it go?
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Hey girl congrats on your surgery this is a great place for support I would suggest uploading pics it shows the rest of the girls your a real person and one of us then you will get more correspondence
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hey there! you know what, that makes sense:) I did have my pics up here but I dont know wat happen with them, ill try to post them again

I am going to wait and go Dr.Jimmerson because I...

I am going to wait and go Dr.Jimmerson because I did not how my consult went with Dr Salama, he didn't say much I was in the consultation room with him for 15-20 minutes, and I tried to show him my wish pics and how I want my butt as big as possible and didn't say anything or look at the pics. Im in rush to get the procedure done while I have the help (from my husband while he is on board because he changes his mind about stuff like this quick) and time before school but I want a PS that shows interest and will give me the results I want


No because I got lost and.couldn't find his office but I want to try again the end of this month


I have put down a deposit with Dr Salama so I will stick with him. My surgery is Scheduled for November 19.....


Are u still going with salama June 3rd 2014.
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