I've Found That Perfect Doctor Dr.Fisher it IZ- Miami, FL

After reading reviews and looking at Dr. Salzhauer...

After reading reviews and looking at Dr. Salzhauer work he's the 1 for my surgery his price is great for his work you would've thought it would cost a million & for #1 you can talk him vs Dr.J ....I can't wait this site is so great ..I'm putting my down payment with my birthday money my boyfriend is giving me my gift early it will be well worth it ...Im know I am going to look GOOD...Dr.S is a life saver


I will follow too :) good luck ! I have Fisher for my BBL in mind though
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Cant wait to be a Salzhauer Doll :-)
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I've changed to Dr .Fischer

I have checked everyone reviews lost some sleep over making my choice which Is Dr. Jonathan Fischer I've spoken with Jessica she's very helpful with all my questions so next year I will have a new body for a great price..2015 hurry up BIG BUTT.COM & also I will be getting a full TT with him... Thanks to real self an all the Dollz I'm happy with my choice ....


Dr.Fisher is my choice as well it was between him &Dr.S &Dr.J....I love his reviews ....Good luck !!! WE ALL DESERVE IT....BIG BUTT DOLLZ
This is such an ordeal . Lol. I live closer to Dr. Hughes though... I'm so confused. I've heard he died great butts too. You mean doctor J .. The one in L.A?

Is it possible to get 2000 cc transfer to each cheek an have some for my hips as well???? I really want a big butt with hips

2000cc to the butt with hips can it be done I want a big butt


If I'm not mistaken that's the most Salzhauer has ever put in. (Dont quote me on that though) but for sure he's put in 1800 on one of the RS girls. I think we all have a misconception on how much he can put in. There's a few things u should keep in mind. While doctors can remove, say 5000cc's not all of it is GOOD fat. But lets just say 4000 of it is good fat .. he can only put in what YOUR body can take. I want 1500cc's in each cheek, and while im pretty certain he'll be able to preserve it, he wont know if my body can take all of it. That's why people have to go & get a Round 2. Good luck .. hope u get the booty u desire.
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Well I've changed Dr.Im going to be doing SX with Dr.Ortega instead Dr.S amount was some what to high for my blood yes I may have to do 2 rounds if it's not big as I want it but I'll see I'm going to give it 6 months of dropping time because I'm also going to be doing a TT with in him August 2015 my BBL is March 9th

New body soon

Lord I can't wait stuck in this unwanted body......

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Loving Dr.Ortega work

I'm falling in love Dollz March 9th 2015 hurry ....Dr.Ortega make a flat a$$ look good with his touch

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I want this so bad

I'm thinking so hard to get this with my TT....DR.ORTEGA IS MY HEART IM SO IN LOVE WITH HIS WORK

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Back to Dr.Fisher

As you know I'm undecided I paid deposit for Bbl with Dr.Ortega butt I want that Dr.Fisher butt so I've been also talking to my coordinator from Fisher so I'm going to pay a deposit for Fisher to lock in the $6000 deal I'm going to LET DR.ORTEGA do my TT&BL WITH IMPLANT. ..I've heard all the stories about vanity but everyone is different & I prefer drains for the fluid every dr I've seen use them except Dr.ortega don't get me wrong his work is good but I want what I want 1500cc in each cheek Dr.Fisher is that dr besides Dr.J in Atl so fisher it is...My sx will still be in March so I'm happy .....


@nikki101887 I really think he's going to work a miracle on my flat azzz Fisher is the next Dr.jimmerson ...Dr.Ortega is good but I haven't seen none of his butts look big like I want it no even close so Fisher will get my $$$$ Dr.ortega will be doing my TUMMY TUCK
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Whoop whoop u go girl. I'm still deciding on when to go but Dr Fisher is definitely who I want too
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Is it me Dr.Fisher is A BUTT GOD

The more I see Dr.Fisher butts I'm starting to fall crazy in love with him I really don't think I can wait until MARCH I want him like now...lol... I can't wait to wear shorts & a sexy dress with my big sexy fat butt .....Dr.Fisher is ABUTTGOD


Fisher is good, but don't sleep on Hasan either he is amazing with his aggressive lipo. He snatch the heck out of a waist.....lol. Good luck on your journey Doll.
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Hmmm I never thought of Dr Fisher being the next jimmerson but you are right. Know that Dr jimmerson started off with low reasonable prices then his clientele shot through the roof; it only makes sense to charge a fortune. Of course I want to wait until my finances are in order but I would be pissed for a long time if I don't catch Dr Fisher at this low price. It's only a matter of time before he start charging nearly $10k like the rest of them. New year, new prices. I'm going to lock mines in this week!
For example, last year Fisher was $3500. Now he's $5000. They doing a special for $500 off right now though
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Sorry ....Im no longer going to doctor Salzhauer ....Dr. Mel Ortega will be going my sx Bbl 3/9/15 TT 8/15 $9000 total cost....His work is very high quality

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