I want to go to the D.R in November for my BBL anyone going to D.R ? I need a buddy

Hello I read everyone review about different...

Hello I read everyone review about different surgeons but haven't heard anyone talk about strax im 185 pounds i have a but already but i want it to be round and nice i live in ny but would like to get it don in fl i want to spend around 7,000 please anyone help me i want to do it by feb the latest i have family in fl but would love someone to come with me the day for my procedure anyone interested please write back thank alot


For 7000 in fl right now u can try dr perry, or Azurin the bbl drs that r really good like salama n jimmers are 8900 and up
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Strax has a reputation of ppl dying do not go there!
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Hi there,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Have you already had a consultation with your doctor and set a date, or are you not at that stage yet?

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i really getting frustrated

I've been looking for the right doctor to go to in D.R I heard dr yilys and dr duran are good I went to go in November from NYC to D.R but I need a buddy to go with me if anyone going to do surgery please let me know I need help finding the doctor

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