I Need Help. So Motivated, But Don't Have the Funds - Miami, FL

Well i am so motivated with getting this bbl done ...

well i am so motivated with getting this bbl done .... i love who i am but am not happy with my body as far as its apperance goes .... i dont feel sexy .... and i have a hard time buying clothes because i know the things i cant and cannot wear... for years i have bee interested in boosting my self esteem ... my only and big problem is funding this procedure i have tried financing but was never approved .... so im still on this mission to being able to save money but with that comes bills and more bills ... i have been on this site a bunch only to see results and i got to say best results i have seen so far

good luck, hope you get your funding soon
Did you try www.medicalfinancing.com if u do not get approve they will pre approve you for No Patient Behind.. You basically will have 3 days to send in documents they need and 200 to secure your spot in the program and have up to 24 mons to secure a doctor.. The 200 goes toward your financing for the procedure.One last thing is that they will only finance fiftty percent..Check out the website i left and I hope this helps...Also Dr.Salama is one of their Surgeons they have listed.
Good luck!! Took me about a year of saving, hard work to get half so i could get a line of credit for the rest
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