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Hello Ladies!!! I went for surgery in Tijuana, MX...

Hello Ladies!!! I went for surgery in Tijuana, MX June 22, 2012. I went to Dr.Cardenas. I got a tummy tuck, and a brazilian butt lift. I like my tummy tuck, she did a pretty good job, but she def could've done sooo much better with the lipo and the BBL!!! So im going for round 2! With Salama this time though! I think he does much better work.

Is anyone going in December 2013??

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Hey ladies. So I decided to go earlier in the year...

Hey ladies. So I decided to go earlier in the year. Im gonna go in Novemeber. I spoke with Nancy today from Dr.Salamas office and im going to book my date next week! But I decided on Nov 25th! Im so excited! I hope my results are awesome this time around!!! :)

I posted some pics but im 5 months pregnant right now so I plan to lose weight after I have the baby in June!


Hello... im also interested in round two with dr salama...I did a bbl in toronto and at first I loved my results but that was def all swelling cuz ive pretty much lost most of it... ive been extra careful still havent even sat and im almost 3 weeks post op.. hoping to get a consult soon
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I went to her too and at first I thought that it would look great because I couldn't tell because I was bandaged but my lipo n contouring is amazing but my butt looks the same as before flat but wider. I was so hype at first. I posted how good I looked until my swelling went down but now I don't even post nomore n I haven't even posted pix. Question did she tell you that your butt was short n tight because I think that the excuse she uses for not getting your butt round. She needs more practice in that area big time. She should stop taking people money becayse she can't do good round booties. I plan on going to Salama too.
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She told me that everyone has different results and to stop comparing myself to others lol. I was like um no! you just suck at BBL's! My tummy tuck looks good, but not my butt ugh, I'm so mad that I ever even went to Mexico to get it done!! But hopefully this time Dr.Salama hooks me up!!
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