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I'm having liposuction to the back to include fat...

I'm having liposuction to the back to include fat rolls, stomach, and bbl. I have had liposuction and a tummy tuck before in Columbus, GA but the doctors are very inexperienced and will say they did liposuction which they did not perform so I wasted money. I am trying to achieve a smaller waist and more projection in my butt. Current measurements 36-31-43.
Good luck i will be there too
Good luck with ur procedure doll, u have chosen a very skilled surgeon so i trust that u will be satisfied with ur results. I still havent made up my mind as to who il be going to for my round2, what i love mostly about salama is the fact that he lipos that little area between the hip and the bottom of the torso so that the transition from torso to hip is more smooth which makes the hour glass effect more prominent...again, good luck doll and i will keep checking in on u
Good luck
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