My current weight is 5"5 of height and 165 lbs. - BBL - Miami, FL

I am so stressed out and need help. I am stuck on...

I am so stressed out and need help. I am stuck on whick doctor to go too. I was set to go with Dr.Azurin, But now looking at reviews and the photos some of the ladies have posted My mind just went blank.. I just want to get this done, but I don't want to rush into it until I choose the right dr. This is my life and I want to look beautiful & sexy for myself. That I wont be disgusted looking at myself in the mirror and start crying. My current weight is 5"5 of height and 165 lbs. Is that to much weight should i lose more?

Finally had my consult with Dr. Moises Salama...

Finally had my consult with Dr. Moises Salama payment is set and super excited.. Nancy is so down to earth & also honest with I loved it.. Sep 23 2013.. Super confident & optimistic..

Ok ladies updating. Just repaired my hernia...

Ok ladies updating. Just repaired my hernia yesterday the doctor was amazing. I now have to wait to heal for a few months. I paid my Bbl in full just & waiting for my date to switch from September to jun or July. It will be greatly appreciated if anyone wants to switch those dates.. I am in a much happier place in my life it's incredible life is beautiful..

“As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.” Have a great weekend girls

Well I am waiting on a June date to come through,...

Well I am waiting on a June date to come through, I paid my procedure in full. Hopefully they call me..
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Good luck girl!
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Like wise & thank you :)
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look at gypsy, miamimom, zizi name a few that are Dr A pt's ...I am going to him also....just keep doing research until you are sure....great results from different dr's just depends on what you're looking for. Dr A only injects pure "good" fat back in, no fluid, blood or anything so you don't really ever lose the fat just the swelling no volume goes away...some people complain about losing alot...Dr A's pts are famous for keeping ALL OF IT! ;) , it took me years to decide ..good luck hun...
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Hey girl, make sure you do your research. I did a lot of research and looking up qualifications before I pickled mine. Also, find pictures of the type of look that you are going for and it will give you an idea of how the doctors work. I like small waists, hips and big butts, so I found the doctor that gives nice projection and the whole cole bottle shape tht I'm going for. Also, while doing your search, make sure you don't let the price deter you, because you get wht you pay for.
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Thank you I appreciate you replying. I have 2 consul in 1/2013 one @ 2 with DR. Salama & @ 5:30pm I will have it with Dr.Azurin both are great doctors. Salama is good for amazing bbl's not really seen much of his TT, as for Dr. Azurin dies beautiful TT & BL w/ implants not really seen much of his BBL. Crazy part is that I put a down payment w/ Dr. Salama smh all because he jack his prices's up in 2-4 moths ($799) more ugh fraustrated seriously.
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You're welcome girly!! Yeah I saw consult with the doctors and see who you like, I personally don't like Dr. S's work because he doesn't give the look that I'm going for and I've never heard of the other doctor, but as long as you do your research you should be fine :) I think just about everyone is going up, I caught my dr. About a month before his prices jumped. Thank goodness
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Find the right Dr it 6 years
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