BBL and TT March 2013 - Miami, FL

Hi I'm a 29 year mother of a 7 year old girl......

Hi I'm a 29 year mother of a 7 year old girl... after having my daughter my body changed... I've been thinking about having a Brazilian buttlift and tummy tuck the past 2 years and finally decide to go for it... I chose to go with Dr. Salzhauer because he previously did my breast augmentation in 2009 and results are amazing... I'm extremely excited about the process as I would like to regain the confidence that I once had..


Did you have your surgery? I'm in Florida and I'm having a hard time deciding a ps for my bbl. My ps did a great job on my BA and I would like him to do all of my surgeries but won't see his bbl photos until the consult. Also I plan on having a tt
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Yes, I chose to go with Dr. Salzhauer
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Hi Lucky11,

Welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Congratulations on choosing your doctor! Have you set a date yet?

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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I chose my doctor based on my previous breast augmentation surgery in 2009... he is the best... and his staff is just as amazing...

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