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Hello girls im going to tell you all about me im...

Hello girls im going to tell you all about me im 19 years old i live in fort lauderdale im 5'5 weigh 165 i want to be atleast 140 with a more rounder juicy video vixen butt ive been depressed for like a year with my body because i used to be skinny untill i got myself the relationship gutt lol & i finally have been saving up the money to get this procedure done..ive been reviewing this website for awhile now & im just ready to start my journey & talk and update with people who are deciding to do the same if it wasnt for this website id be lost not knowing where the hell to go so THANKYOU to all you ladies being more then nice sharing everything and id like to do the same cuz im 100 percent positive that this will get done..i need a beach body im young in school & live in SOUTH FLORIDA i wanna show off my body with confidence well yeah lol thats about it for my first post more to come toodles :)

What am i gonna need for surgery im clueless :(

what am i gonna need for surgery im clueless :(

Can anyone get approved for *"NO PATIENT LEFT...

can anyone get approved for *"NO PATIENT LEFT BEHIND"* if you are self employed but forsure can pay the bills just too impatient to save & want the procedure done like NOW :( plz help
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If any ladies are interested in seeing Dr.Ghurani (Salama's partner) in late February, inbox me for details. I am not going to be able to go and would like to get rid of my date. That's less than 8 weeks away, so inbox me asap!
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girl i know i was watching that one day & in my head im like wait i think i seen him on real self before lmao
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@BKLYNBEAUTY jimmerson is also a good doc and hell yeah girl if u gonna pay for a booty i want people to know its there lol & goodluck to you too i want to get mines done around april hopefully
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Thx girlie n yea I want a donk. No way ima let $14,000 go down drain ! Lol n yea everyone price is going up. Dr j price going up by feb /march? Due to his increased popularity n publicity on VH1's TI and Tiny 's family hustle .. Which is y I gotta make my deposit to lock date n price ASAP
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@DREAMBODY24 thankyou i am saving im just impatient and feel like salamas gonna go up prices by the time i'll have the 8500..but patience is key
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I'm so jealous u live in Florida. I would save so much if I did ! Best wishes. Keep us posted
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hey girl. welcome !!! i havent had bbl yet (praying for late may with dr jimerson...) damn! u want a super big booty (love it) a lot of girls here have long complete lists of whats needed like i think whorascope does.. good luck!!
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