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OK, goes. Im 30 yrs old, I have 2 kids...

OK, goes. Im 30 yrs old, I have 2 kids and I dont like the way my body looks anymore. I already have a butt, but I want my old waist line back!! So I figure that if Im gonna get lipo, I may as well put that fat to good use. I dont want a reDONKulous booty, just a rounder, better version of what I was already blessed with. I've only spoken with one doc and I decided that he was the one for me. I like Dr. Perry's before and after photos because they look natural. I dont want a fix-a-flat looking azz! I'm a little afraid as the time approaches, but I'm just praying to God that I make it through alright. Any advice from the BBL veterans? I would love to hear it.


Good luck withyour upcoming procedure! You will def be inmy prayers
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Welcome to the team. Dr. Perry is an awesome doctor. Know what you want going in and be realistic. Checkout my review for more info, along with sweet lady,jbooty2012, buttaluv, thininthewaist's, and a wholenewwoman.
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thanks bb
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