I Need Advice on Who to Pick: Salama, Salhazar or Mendieta - Miami, FL

Pending surgery for May 1st., I need to know who...

Pending surgery for May 1st., I need to know who to pick Im super scared to make the wrong choice, I want to know if anyone here can let me know and see pic's of there results. I thought Medieta was the best but I am reading so many bad reviews now Im not to sure. My time is running out to make a choice someone please help ME!

Hey Bubblegum, how did your consultation go? Have you made a decision yet on which doctor to go with?

i may need to change my date due to family emergency. im scheduled for july 3rd. if anyone is interested please send a message.
@bubblegum it depends on what you are getting. If u r limited to FL only Salama is one of the best and pricing is great. He is good with volume. If you r up for travel check out Jahno, Jimmerson, Campos, Cardenas. They all do the same things but have something unique abt them in different ways. Best wishes in your journey hun!!!
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