24 Yr Old BBL W/Fisher June 2014 - Miami, FL

Hey everyone!!! So I have been on RS for some time...

Hey everyone!!! So I have been on RS for some time now.. and I have finally decided I want to get the procedure done. I weighed 125-130. Before weighing this I lost weight and I weighed 120 but of course my butt got small too =( So now I gained weight for this surgery, and I feel awful.. I dont want to go out with my friends because nothing fits me anymore. I have a belly, my arms gained weight, and worst of all my boobs got bigger. So now, I am not sure how I will feel after.. will I feel my stomach bloated? Will my boobs go back? Because I cant eat junk anymore! But if I start eating healthy after sx will my butt go away?? I'm so confused! Help me!


@labootygrl I'm going in for my bbl in jun 10 when is your surgery scheduled to be done?
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Good luck
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Congrats on your decision!!! I am also small framed and have gained weight for this procedure.. I feel the same as you do.. I just try to stay focused on the goal... It'll all be worth it!! When in June are you going?
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