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I weight between 108-110, I'm 20 years old, &...

I weight between 108-110, I'm 20 years old, & stand at 5'4. I'm looking to get this surgery done by summer 2015. Just in enough time to get well enough before going back to college. I have yet to decide on a doctor. I'm not looking into going out of country but it is what it is . I've been looking into Hasan, Yily, Duran & at the top of the list Fisher. I know I will be told to gain some weight but that doesn't work well. Anyone know any tips to keep weight on ? I have a couple of wish pictures too. Some maybe too obnoxious for my body size . I'm willing to hear y'all opinions.

Pick a letter

Which better suits my size? I don't want it too big or small where I don't notice a change.
Welcome to RS!! I'll be following your journey. I'm planning on going next yr also around summer also for school. Best of luck to you
Hey Welcome chica... Go with D make it big bc it will go down some. Good luck with your journey. I go to fisher aug 18. I can't wait
Welcome to RS! Girl... Go with D! Lol.. Best wishes to you!

Weight Gain

I can't seem to pass the 110 mark. I've talked to Hasan and was recommended to add on more weight. Any recommendations from the community on helping little ole me out?
Hey Love. Make sure to eat 3 meals a day (Breakfast should be your biggest meal). My trick is that I drink Ensure in between meals (not as a meal substitute) some times I'll also pair the Ensure with a yogurt, graham crackers, or some little snack. I will be following your journey. Good Luck
Thanks for the advice. I'll have to stop by the store real soon.
Hey I use serious mass weight gain powder.


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