Brazilian Butt Lift - Miami, FL

Hello ladies, I am thinking about getting the...

Hello ladies,
I am thinking about getting the brazilian butt lift. Im not sure if i should go to Dr. salma in florida or Dr. Jameson in Atlanta. They are both really good but i think i am gearing more towards Salma. I am currently 125lbs and 5'3. i sent salama my photos and they said i had to gain at least 15lbs. i am scared to schedule my appointment because what if i don't gain the weight in time, although he does have a 10 month waiting list :-(

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I'd be willing to gain 15lb for you. ;) j/k

Welcome to RealSelf! I hope you find all the info you're looking for and I look forward to following your journey.

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hey girl, welcome to the bbl sisterhood, and damn his list got long from within the past few months.
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