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I Need Your Help Ladies. 28 Yr Old Female. Not Sure What to Do - Miami, FL

Hey ladies. I'm 28 yrs old and seriously thinking...

Hey ladies. I'm 28 yrs old and seriously thinking about getting botox. I have read some reviews about the crows on your forehead. And yes I have about 3 lines which you can see when I frown. I also have 2 lines in between my eye also. The bad part about all this is most of the time I'm frowning and don't even realize it. And at times I frown so much it makes the spot between my eyes hurt. And when I say hurt I don't mean like a headache, it's more like my muscle get tight and stiff. So when that happens I have to get a hot towel and lay it on my forehead and my eyes. The hott towel actually relax my muscle it allows the pain to stop.

So my question to you ladies who already have more experiance in this then I do: am I to young for Botox or would botox help with the tightness of my muscle in my forehead and crow lines??? Also I live in Miami fl, so which Docter would be great to go to???? Any advice would be greatful

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I get Botox about every 3 months or a bit longer. Stops working if you do it before 3 months, your body will get use to it and stop working. I get really bad migraines. The Botox helps a lot for about 2 months. I still need medicine every once in a while but it's deffinately worth it. I also have severe anxiety but can still do it. Probably because I know I will feel better afterward.
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Hey girl ! I replied ! Thanks for switching with me ! It means a lot ! Messages back asap !! so we can do this switch ! :D
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Hey Quita305. Sorry I am posting so late. Ypu may have already adressed this issue but I wanted to reply back to you. If you are older than 18 I say go for it. You will love it. I just had Botox for the 1st time 2 days ago and I LOVE IT! You won't notice a change right away but but by the 2nd evening you will start to notice and you will love it! Best to you!
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From what you are describing it sounds to me like Botox might be a good thing to consider. Since you have a somewhat unusual thing going on with the pain between your eyes I would definitely recommend you talk to a doctor about that specific concern and whether or not Botox is the right approach.

To help find a doctor you can click on the Doctor Finder tab near the top of the page. You can search in your area, the further narrow the results by either procedure or specialty. That will give you a list of doctors that you can read the profiles of, read other reviews about them, and see what questions they have answered in the Q&A section. Hopefully that will give you an idea of if they are someone you want to consider going to for treatment.

Looking forward to hearing what you decide to do!

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