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22 Year Old Looking to Get Labiaplasty in Miami,FL

I am 22years old I have been dealing with this...

I am 22years old I have been dealing with this issue since high school. I want my labia reduce because it is very uncomfortable and makes me feel less girly. Can someone please help me find a Doctor in Miami,Fl who can perform this surgery for me. I want it done asap but will not rush until I find the best Doctor.
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Welcome to the community! Sorry that this has been bothering you, but the good news is it can be fixed very easily! I had it done years ago, I remember feeling the same way and I was much happier and confident after.  Here is a link to doctors who perform Labiaplasty on the site: http://www.realself.com/find/Florida/Miami/Labiaplasty
Also, be sure to check out our video section that will provide you with lots of information on the procedure. 

keep us posted!
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