Upcoming 2nd Revision Surgery Advice Needed

I wanted higher,fuller, more youthful breasts. I...

I wanted higher,fuller, more youthful breasts. I had previuosly had a anchor lift only done in 1993 without any augmentation with excellent results by a different MD.

I had augmentation and lift (vertical incison only) with 400cc mentor moderate profile implants done 9 months ago. I had a revision for lateral displacement and poor result with lift, at which time the pockets were closed bilaterally and a anchor lift was done to correct the problem. Within 4 weeks, lateral displacement was again noted and the breast have dropped, but not as severe as the last time.

I just recently saw my surgeon again, I am 4 months post-op of the revision. He agrees that I need repair again and wants to wait until 6 months post-op. Following are the suggestions made, another lateral repair bilaterally, a larger implant (min of 600cc was suggested) and a vertical incision lift again. He also mentioned going to a textured silcone mentor implant for better adhesion. I have read that these implants have a higher risk of rippling and can make furure sugeries more difficult. I am trying to weigh my options. I would appreciate all thoughts on best course of action. I am a 46 yo 5'10" 150#

6-23-2011. I have had 2 revision surgeries with a...

6-23-2011. I have had 2 revision surgeries with a surgeon in sarasota, took out the 600cc implants and now have saline 350cc, much better. A mesh was used to hold implant in place...much better result, although you can feel the mesh a bit.

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he seems very knowledgable and has been very willing to make the breast augmention correct

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I ordered a book called THE BEST BREAST.it was very informative.I really wish I had ordered that book prior to my procedures, since I have gone through so many plastic surgery nitemares.I am about to have my 4th revision surgery soon.The author of the book goes into great detail of breast implant types.You can order it online if you can't find it in the book store.It will answer many many questions.
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