Closed Capsulotomy 5 Months Post Gel Implant Surgery

I had breast augmentation surgery aug 2009. my...

i had breast augmentation surgery aug 2009. my right breast gave me problems in the beging. i went to a massage therapist who performed ultrasound and massage treatment on my right breast and only massage on my left one. i stopped the ultrasound treatment after 3 weeks because i felt my breast were soft and ok. 4 months post surgery i noticed my left breast looked like a ball, felt tight, and slightly painful.

i went to see the plastic surgeon on dec 17,2009 and he gave me a prescription to take for 2 months. i started taking the medication and it made me sick! i only took the pills for 3 days and called the massage therapist. i started massage treatment dec 27, 2009, the same amount of time that i needed to be on this medication and my breast are soft again.

i also had a keloid around my areola and thanks to ultrasound and massage therapy my keloid disapeared. doctors like to say that there are no resources stating that ultrasound works but im one of them. the ultrasound therapist is really inexpensive compared to others. i am really happy i didnt need surgery again.

Ultrasound treatment works for closed capsulotomy

ultrasound treatment works for closed capsulotomy

Hi renewme, could you give me the information of your massage therapist? I have capsular contracture baker grade II, no money whatsoever for revision. I'm desperate for an alternative. I live in miami. I hope you are still around. :( Thank you.
Hello, I need your advice.. I have had my Surgery 2 years and 6 months ago. I have silicon Implants under the muscle.. The reults were ggreat very natural.. very soft.. Just last week.. In one DAY.. after 2 yrs nd a half.. i felt painin my right breast and it was swelling and hard.. just in 1 day.. it was double the size. i tookantibiotics, the welling is gone.. but the breast is still so hard.. i am kinda sure its capsular contracture. i will check with my PS in 1 week (the time i go back home i am in paris now). But for now i am really worried and scared. I read all articles abt CC and i really dont wanna go under the knife again but still i cant PUT UP with this Hardness it is just too fake.. the breast is round.. Do you think closed capsulotomy will give me results (would my right breast go back to the way it was before)?? Thanks sarah
cortizone over the counter can be used to minimize the scar. but u have to be persistant in applying it everyday atleast 2 times a day. If you google it, you will find information on it. The scar should take atleast 2 years to disapear. I believe tattooing it would look ugly.
Ricardo Presas M.D.

doctor did a really great job performing surgery down side is that i ended up with closed capsulotomy

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