Had Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy Lift

Had breast augmentation with mastopexy lift 3...

Had breast augmentation with mastopexy lift 3 weeks ago and find myself still in pain, stopped taking percocet after the 4th day and took tylenol for 1 week, I am very swollen and feel them very tight. They are very sensitive and now I have a small yellow discharge from one of the stiches, was told it is normal to apply bacitracin daily. My breast skin is very sensitive. I was told to massage them daily 10 times a day. Can you tell me if this is normal?

I also had a brest lift and augmentation on 3/29. my breasts were really swollen and sensitive and the implants were really sitting high in my chest. i started massaging them and now theyre starting to go down slowly. my right breast is more swollen than the left one but i think it takes time so dont worry. apply lotion and massage them. you skin will be sensitive because they are streching to make room for the implants so dont worry things will get better
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