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I had a BBL & liposculpture on May 6, 2011 and...

I had a BBL & liposculpture on May 6, 2011 and what can I say, I was in severe pain the first 4 days and i had two drainage one on the front and one in the back. My Doctor took out the drainages on Wed of last week. It has been one week and 3 days and i feel better. My lower abdomen and lower back hurts the most since I had liposculpture all around my body.

The only thing i dislike about the BBL is that i CANNOT sit down for 3-4 weeks.

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Uf.... Today i woke up sore all round my belly it...

Uf.... Today i woke up sore all round my belly it hurts so much! I will have my third massage today for the lipo! That shit hurts aloft I cried last time and the time before that! Hopefully it's worth it at the end! :/


Is it lymphatic drainage?
So you actually lay on your back for the massage using the boppi pillow?
Do they massage the buttock area or just the areas of harvest?
Thanks for the advice on the pillow and massage! I will look for a massage therapist that specializes in lymphatic drainage.
Is there still a lot of seepage through the compression garment?
You stomach looks super flat!
Are you getting bored standing? :-)
Congratulations again!
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Did you go to the same Dr. that did your B. augmentation?
You look great so far!
Do you recommend having 2 compression garments to switch out while the other one is washing?
How often do you have the massage?
Does the massage therapist avoid the buttock area?(sorry for so many questions)
Speedy recovery to you!
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Thanks ! Well I went to the same clinic but with different doctor, the reason why I used Dr. Moises Salama was because he had great reviews and he has alot of experience. Yes buy to garments just in case but my Doctor said it doesn't matter if one hour a day you don't have the garment on because the body needs to breath! I will get around 15 massages! I go 3 to 4 times a weeks depending on how good I am feeling! My therapist uses 2 pillow for my buttocks also my doctor recommended the hoppy pillow just in case of the massages they sell it in kmart and baby r us! Thanks !!

Today was a good day! I dont have so much pain...

Today was a good day! I dont have so much pain also my buttock looks better! I had my third lipo massage yesterday and uf it hurt like hell! I have been working this entire week and I have not been able to sit down so what I have been doing is laying down in a table we have on back with pillows and covers! I had to drop my classes this semester because I didn't not attend first ween of class and I woulnt be able to sit down in class! For some reason my neck hurts alot of standing up! I can't wait for friday to at least sit down with the boppy pillow a few minutes each hour! Well g2g!!!


Hi, I had a BBL in March but going back to add more fat b/c they could only put so much in b/c it was coming back of out the incisions. I didnt have my abdomen done the first time, so this time that are doing. Was this extremely painful. Trying to find someones perspective that did not have a tummy tuck. Thanks!
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Well I did not have a tummy tuck. I had lipo and bbl and yes it hurts alot specially the first few days! But with the pain killers the pain is way less!

Good luck!
Hi, I'm having my surgery done next week Thursday in Miami, I'm actually traveling from The Bahamas to have the BBL Done, can you tell me the cost that you've paid for you medicines ao I can have a rough though on how much I'll be paying for the meds.

Thank you
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Its been 3 weeks and 5 days and I feel so much...

Its been 3 weeks and 5 days and I feel so much better I love my results! I am still Sore and my abdomen but my butt looks so good! I have been sitting on the boppy pillow and I still have a big butt! I can't wait for Friday! It's my 21st birthday and with a hot body ! I will post pics on Saturday ! See u


Happy Birtday!!
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Happy Birthday to YOU!
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Finally some pics up!!!!!! I FEEL GREAT!!!

finally some pics up!!!!!!



O WOW! Keep us posted the results are gorgeous and your body looks amazing..How many cc did they put?
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do you have a before pic of your butt? just curious cause ive always had a big butt and the top started loosing volume after 2 kids back and forth weight loss ,,, if you could post a before pic It would help me see if the cc might work for me
thanks you look like perfecto!
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Im going in for tummy tuck breast and butt ,,, since you have had the boob and butt , do you think you could handle both at once? not being able to site or lay on stomach ? I also have two children im soooooo scared one will run up and hug me or wak me in the butt like kids do ugggh my butt hurts just thinking of it!
The pictures look great,,,
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List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others


you look great ma
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800 on each Check! I had a big butt before but I got a rounder shape nd some volume
I will lOok for the pictures at night! I will post them

Photo Update


Omg Girl ur figure is amazing!! luv it! I am seriously contemplating getting this procedure done. I sent in my pictures to Dr Mendietta in Miami. ( i hear he is one of the top) but I'm still waiting for a reply. But after seeing your pics I am definitely gonna check out Salama's website! I am very petite. 5'3" 110 lbs so I know im going to need to gain weight I just hope its not too much!! Please keep us updated with plenty of pics!! Looking good!
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also just wondering if the 5650 was for the entire surgery.. facility and surgeon fee as well as anesthesia. Were your garments extra if so how much? and any other necessary expenses. Thanks in advance. If you could post before pics it would b extra helpful. I am curious to know how much weight he had to work with to get those results
Hi, how did you get back and forth to work the second week? Were you able to drive?
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It has been almost two month and I feel great. I...

It has been almost two month and I feel great. I cannot complain. I still have pain in my abdomen and on my lower back Dr.Salama says that is normal. on saturday it will be my last Drainage lipo massage THANK GOD.

I am so happy with my result. why? because evertime i go out I make everyone turn heads! haha

On Monday 6/27/11 I have an Appt with Salama and I will ask him for my before pictures.

Dr. Salama is a great!


I want to have the bbl dne. Im 5ft 6in 158lbs. Im 22 years old an not very confident about my body. I have a wide back small hips no booty and handle bars. Sumone plze tell me whr to start wit this bbl.
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You look incredibly amazing! Keep working it girl! :)
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Its been 2 months and 1 week and I feel great, My...

Its been 2 months and 1 week and I feel great, My body and butt is HOTTTTTTTT! i cant complain, i will have a photo-shot this weekend! i will post pics


Very nice results bad_yeni. I just did my 3D body lipo and BBL yesterday.. the pain has not been bad at all. My biggest concern is to work the muscles on my butt. Today is my 2nd day and I must say that I am very surprise at how much my swelling has gone down. Not sure if it has anything to do with the vitamins that I've been taking prior to surgery or that I always worked out on a regular basis.

Can you give me suggestions on the recovery process. I'll be home for the next 4 days so I am on my stomach all the time but next week I am planning to go back to work. I am concern about my 10-15 min car drive.. the picture on my profile is a before picture. I hope a get an after picture after my follow-up today.

Speedy recovery to all !
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Hi Yeni I got the bbl surgery done in Mexico last friday (6 days ago) and I am so upset because I already had a nice figure but I wanted to just enhance it. And I already had a small booty and just wanted a little more volume. And because I didn't tell anyone about it I wanted it to look natural. But he added 840 cc to each cheek. And now.. I look fatter, my butt is too big! I know you said you got 800cc in each cheek. And a lot of it got absorbed. How long did it take for it to absorb? When did you see it really start shrinking? Am I looking extra big because of the swelling. When does the swelling go down? I've been so sad. and been couped up in my room. Please contact me : g***

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Bad_Yeni, You look amazing, your tummy is super flat and slim and the new booty pops out perfectly!!! From 800cc you went down to 550cc?? Well, it looks great.
Your new body proportions make you look like 15lbs lighter.

The lymphatic drainage massages that you got, were they from Dr. Salama's office or did the office refer you to the massage place? Did the massage therapists have a special certification?

I am in California and would like to know because when i get mine done, I would like to incorporate the massages into my recovery... But not sure the doctor's i'm consulting recommend the massages.
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Wow almost 6 months of my bbl surgery and I feel...

Wow almost 6 months of my bbl surgery and I feel and look great!!!

I'm really happy with my results!!


your resluts are amazing !!!!!
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You look great
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I'm moving to Miami and I wanna get this surgery it worth it? Can you post more recent pictures please?? Thank you
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Its been a year and 2 months and i still feel...

Its been a year and 2 months and i still feel great amazing curves and a hot ass butt. i am so glad i did this surgery, Dr. Salama is a great doctor and a good friend.


Wow is aaall I have too say!
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Girl you look FAB!
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did u loose much volume??
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2 years and two months

Its been such a long time, i am so glad i had the surgery and i cannot be any more happy. I have been working out so much.. after 2 years i got 6 packs, amazing lower abs and my butt got rounder.. i have attached some pics.. i hope all you gals that had the surgery are glad as i am.


Wow! That's exactly what my wish vision looks in my head! You look good!
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You look fantastic, love the abs . What were your stats before surgery ?
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You look incredible. What were your stats pre surgery and do you know how much he put back in your booty?
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