First Procedure Done 08/29/12 - Miami Beach, FL

I have hyperhydrosis since I can remember, so I...

I have hyperhydrosis since I can remember, so I went to have the first Miradry treatment in August in which the nurse decided to set the machine in a level 2, right after the procedure I started to sweet again, no change at all, not even a 10% improvement. Problably I need a higher level,I just waiting to go for the second treatment and see if it really work this time.


Oh my gosh, you must have been so disappointed. :( Did the office you were having this done at offer any sort of discount for your next visit, or is finding the right setting just part of the treatment process?

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Yes I'm very disappointed with the result. The one who performed the procedure was the technician not the Doctor, so a week after I called the office with the concern, the doctor called me saying that next time they will adjust the machine setting for a level 3 or 4 at no additional cost.

Oh that is good. At least they are doing what they can to get you good results. :) Please let us know how that treatment goes!!

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