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Ok, so my story is typical. Pregnancy left me...

Ok, so my story is typical. Pregnancy left me scared. I had gained weight also. Lost it due to a horrible break up. Now im kinda, sorta on the side(5'7 138lbs) and it doesn't really look like I have a belly til I eat or get naked. Then you this........... thing attached with stretch marks. Im very self conscious and insecure. Im already a black girl with no booty.LMAO!!! That will be my next body part I work on.

Anyways, I have recieved an awsome quote for a tummy tuck in mexico. Im going to start planning for it in late january. Im sooooooo excited and terrified at the same time. Ive never been out the state of florida so going to mexico is like going from crawling to bungy jumping!!!!!! I also don't know who im going to take. If anyone wants to buddy up and be scared, in pain and whine together that would great!! LOL!!!! I need stories of success and words of encouragement!!!!!

Dr. Luis Suarez

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Where are you going for yours? I just got back from having one done in Mexico 3 wks ago and today am looking for a doctor for possible infection in my incision and a plastic surgeon to possibly finish the job. My incision was left kind of folded skin at each end and the whole thing is very crooked. I am thinking they may have to do some repairs here. More $ and pain.
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Do your research well and I hope you are able to come up with a travel buddy.  You shouldn't do this or go alone.  I would love to hear more about your research process and what you come up with.  

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