Planning to Have Surgery in November - Mexico, MX

Almost have all the money, nervous of my dream...

Almost have all the money, nervous of my dream becoming a reality. I am a horsetrainer/riding instructor/ mother of 1. I had a Csection delivery for my son and sailed right through it. My cousin had the VSG and is doing great. She had it in February. I am so nervous, I have support but not a lot. I am aware of how big a life change this is. Ive done my research, and watched/followed hundreds of vlogs. I want to feel good about me and my health im 27. I feel miserable fat

Hi there, welcome!

You'll do great, I'm sure and we'll support you all the way! If you don't mind sharing, how much do you weigh at the moment?

I weigh 250 at the moment and im 5'7 I want to be 160. Thats when I looked and felt the best.

I'm sure you'll be able to get there. Are you all prepared for your big day? How are you feeling?



I had the money then life gave me set backs and i had to spend the money. Things are picking up for me but still hard to save again, i was so let down and sad. Now my car engine blew... need to fix my truck too. By the grace of God a client of mine is lending me the money to get my surgery in july!! Thank you so much lord shes an angel you sent to me on earth!! Im so thankful for the friends and clients i have as a riding instructor. They know i need this, and the support has really grown for me lately that i can do this and become who i really am inside. I feel like a beautiful person stuck inside a fat body. Ive been fighting this weight my whole life. Im going for Garcia Genova still hes so nice and he even is very concerned about me with my anxiety attacks. Hes going to make sure im sedated enough to stay calm and not bust out with a nervous crying panic attack. I feel really good about him, loved his youtube videos. It really helped me make my decision.
Congratulations on overcoming your set backs. July will be here before you know it. Do you have to do any liquid protein diets before your surgery in Mexico?
Had major setbacks and had to spend the money, read my update from today. God is on my side yay!!!
He certainly is. What a nice thing to do, you are obviously a lovely person for people to do such kind things for you. Best of luck.
Garcia Genova

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