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This was my third nose job, before you think I’m...

This was my third nose job, before you think I’m crazy psycho a lil bit. The fisrt one was a decision from my mum and doctor when I was 15 because my breathing problems were even affecting my hearing. I was totally ok with my nose, the surgery went totally wrong and my mum even thought of suing the doctor. We went to a plastic surgeon to repair the damage and he made a GREAT JOB and i was totally ok with my nose at 17. One year ago I began having throat problems and several doctors said it could because of my nose, my bridge wasn’t completely straight so I went with my previous plastic surgeon for another rhinoplasty, he told me I was in great hands and i trusted him because he did an amazing job before. Well, you can see in the photos that my nose is huge now, it's been a year now. I waited a whole year and my plastic surgeon says my nose it’s ok and if I FEEL that’s bigger he can do a nostril reduction but I’m afraid it’d look weird because of the bulbous tip, I'm waiting for another's doctor answer. But I'm so sad and so depressed beacuse my mum says it'd look weird beacuse it's the tip not the alar that's wrong but the doctor says the tip will saty like that :( Im so so so sad My nose was perfect :'(
I am so sorry about your troubles. I am sure the wideness comes from your surgeon putting thick spreader grafts. I don't think your nose is horrible now but I do agree your nose before looked really good. Why did he have to touch your nose cosmetically? There may ways to improve your breathing without changing the nose. I am surprised he would touch your bones again. But I know that putting spreader grafts and widening your nose can improve your breathing except he could have out fractured your turbinates or trimmed them. What does your doctor say?
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He broke my nose bones a third time :'( now we're trying steroids injections to reduce the sides but the tip will remain big. I'm even thinking in nosetrill reduction but i dont know if that will solve the problem because my nose is so thick and it's no swelling because as I said before it's been 1 year from the surgery
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