Nose Looks Longer Than Before I Got Surgery - Mexico

My nose looks longer then before I got closed,...

My nose looks longer then before I got closed, surgery is it going to look smaller. I'm into two weeks of healing. The tip of my nose looks lifted to much...will my nose look smaller as time passes he rumoved a bumb and to give it a straight look lifted the tip? What can i do to speed up the process of healing?


At only 2 wks, your tip is probably still very swollen. I wouldn't worry yet. The tip takes the longest.
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She is right i am only 3 weeks post up on my second procedure patience is a virtue real talk
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Jesse, I think you look good but since you don't have a before picture, it's hard to measure improvement. It should continue to shrink and define so hopefully you will like it better in a few weeks. Best wishes.
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