Miss New Booty,scared but Ready !!!! - Mexico, MX

Hey chicks, I am new to the site and the sx world...

Hey chicks,
I am new to the site and the sx world too. And I'm equally scared and excited. My co-worker is scheduled for "body by Dr.P " in July and thanks to her, I am hooked.

I have been dreaming of a BBL for some time now, but the costs made it seem unreachable. I didn't even know MX was an option. But now that I do...IT'S ON AND BOOTY POPPIN' !!! I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store !!!

I'm heading to TJ in June with my friend for her pre-op testing, to see the facility and meet the staff.

Haven't worked up the nerve to post pre-op pics yet....maybe after I put my deposit down!!! We'll see !!!

Well doll, let the journey begin.....good luck and god bless us all !!! ttys


Hey! I'm scheduled on July 30th, staying at Club Med. I'm getting an extended tummy tuck, bbl and lipo of my back, flanks, and arms. I'm scheduled with Dr. Pantoja as well. I love Nadia!!!! She always gets back to me in regards to emails and is very detailed too. I have been reading tons of blogs regarding Dr. P, mostly very good and the most recent ones that I've read today aren't that great, kinda scary. I think it was from Birmingham...her post is on another blog (mbones). Anyway....I am still going with Dr. P because he has done a lot of great work and no one knows exactly what happened in either situation of these ladies. I do know that since I have been starting a very good relationship with Nadia..... I am confident that if any complication arises, her and Dr. P will take care of it. By the way, he has tons of patients out there with GREAT results, of course not all will be here on RS or any other search engine. As I recall, one of the ladies here on RS stated that while she was in the Dr. P's office, some of his patients were there and they looked REALLY HOT!!!! Hope you get the results you want!!! xoxoxo
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I'm going to Pantoja June 7th I'm nervous and excited too especially since I'm going alone I'm going for liposuction of the abdomen, waist, inner and outer things, upper and lower back and I'm going bigger with the implants I'm not doing the BBL but I will keep you updated on his lipo skills!!!
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