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After years ( 6yrs)of contemplation, i finally...

after years ( 6yrs)of contemplation, i finally have plans to restore my pre-baby body back. Looking for as much advice and information possible, thanks!! I am on track to getting toned and fit to lose this last bit of baby weight. I am not gunna lie, I am scared and nervous about the trip and surgery.


Hey welcome! I am all totally freaked out about surgery! But excited. I have been waiting 6 months since I booked my date- I have 47 days left;-) What are you getting done?
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I know it's a very big deal! You might want to read this post from JenBob about what she wishes she knew before her mommy makeover. Please keep us posted as the big day gets closer!

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Ok, so. Life happened and I did not get the surgery when I initially expected. I have 3 weeks off this Dec 2014. I am wanting to do a mommy makeover, I tried keeping in contact with the initial lady who I spoke with but she no longer returns my calls etc... I would love to hear about others recent expereinces so i can officially lay down the deposit. Thank you in advance. It is still my plan to travel to mexico for the mm.

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