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6 days to go..Tummy tuck, BBL, and Lipo! Campos!

I been wanting a tummy tuck since after having my...

I been wanting a tummy tuck since after having my first child. I gained 66lbs and ti say the least, my stomach is destroyed! I have always felt self-conscious about it that I have never ever worn a bikini. I decided to do something about it and now that my kids are older I'm going to do something just for me. I originally was looking into having a brazilian butt lift I sent a few doctors my pics and they all responded that I need a tummy tuck along with the bbl to contour my body into a hour glass figure. I'm so excited to even think that I could actually even have a hour glass figure since I have always had a squarish figure. I'm happy for this site because I able to see your beautiful transformations and support! Thank you ladies for letting me be apart of your journeys!

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I'm so excited! I been waiting for so long ... I...

I'm so excited! I been waiting for so long ... I can't believe my surgery is in two weeks! I'm prepared and ready to go!
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Hi I was wondering how your surgery went?? Did you have it done?
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Goodluck u will look great
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Hey girlie welcome to the tummy tuckers!!   

Winter is going to fly by so quickly and before you know it you will have your new body.  So you are definitely doing both procedures??

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I'm going to have both procedures done at the same time I know It's going to be rough the first couple of days, but I am so ready and excited! :)
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Oh you will do fine:)  Just keep a positive attitude and know the pain is all temporary.  You will love the results!

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