The Greatest Invention Ever! - Mexico

I love my lashes and Im only on week 3 !! they are...

I love my lashes and Im only on week 3 !! they are not dark as I expect, but Ill wait for full results. so far Im loving it I will definetly buy this instead of expensive mascaras it is worth every penny really it is not a cost but more of an investment.

Right now I just apply mascara and a bit of concealer and my face looks fully done since my eyes completeley frame my face in the best way!!

amazing amazing product will buy till I die :)

Only side effects are a little itching after applying but it is bearable, and when lighting a cigarrette my eyes get irritated but lasts only a couple of seconds.....


Great review! Glad you only had slight itching, which is awesome. Other community members have mentioned changing the brush too. We'd love to see pictures.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the week!


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