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I got laser in a Mexican clinic above the lips and...

I got laser in a Mexican clinic above the lips and underarms. It took 12 sessions, first each month, and then every 2 months. They told me first to shave it, but at the last sessions I was asked to do it otherwise: wax it or tweeze it.

When I started to wax it, the hair took longer to grow, and now I can't stop thinking, even though it's written not to, that I should have waxed my hair all the time.

I can say that my hair still grows but like 60% less in my underarm and the same in my upper lip but much thiner... I spent a year and a half, 12 sessions for thiner hair, the same result as using a depilation machine but this one is HELL cheaper.

Hi Britt,

It took me almost 2 years to complete the treatment... at the end I was angry at the service and very disappointed.

But yeah, the amount of hair decrease and at least it takes 5 min to get rid of it instead of half an hour. It doesn't hurt either... I mean it does but not like if you get wax. If Waxing gets 8 out of 10 (scale of pain), laser gets a 4 out of 10.

Wow, a 4 is a lot less. That's kind of awesome. Why were you angry, because it took so long?



Hi nitzibon,

Although it took about a year it must be sooo nice that you have so much less hair to worry about. Do you think you will go back and have more procedures so the hair stops growing altogether? I've heard heard this procedure hurts. Does it? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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They should have informed you from the beginning not to get high expectations. I got 12 sessions while other clinics give you 4 to 8 for the same result.

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