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Bruising 9 Weeks Post Op, Eyelids, Facelift, Necklift

The pros of this was the package of after care, 2...

The pros of this was the package of after care, 2 days after in a hospital. I felt comfortable, the Dr. competent, stayed at small b and b with only surgery patients.

Cons, are that it is awkward to communicate from so far away what is happening re: bruises and loosening skin under neck.

I had the surgery to correct turkey neck, jowls sagging, and get rid of a little puffiness in the eye area, it was not bad.

Age 63, felt better do now, and did not want an out patient surgery. Cost for hospitalization in US is prohibitive.

I had a facelift, necklift, and eyelid surgery out of the country. Surgery was non eventful, no pain, and result looks good except: 9 weeks later I have dark shadows where the bottom of the under eye bruises were. Also next to my mouth I was bruised down to the jaw, and that dark shadow of the bruises are still there. Will they ever resolve? Also, my neck under chin looked great at 7 weeks, by the 8th week, my jawline at the jowl a little puffy, and under chin, just behind the under chin incision it is a little bumpy with a tiny reminder of the "waddle", very small, but not as good as the first 7 weeks.

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Please view my posts for the name of my surgeon in Cancun
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That is strange since the U.S. healthcare system is ranked 38th in the world. Costa Rica is number 37. I had a face, neck and upper and lower eyelift surgury there and am very happy with the results. The surgeon was very professional, attended numerous seminars in the U.S. and has written books on plastic surgury. The hospitals there are superior to any that I have been in here in the U.S. The aftercare if anything was abit too much attention. The surgeon gave me his personal cell number to call him if there was any problems. If I had it all over to do and the costs were the same between the U.S. and Costa Rica.... I would still have it done there.
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It would be helpful if posters on this site would name their surgeons.
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You made your decision based on the wrong basis i.e cost. We have the best medical care in the world in the USA. There has been many reports of strange bacterial infection from tourist surgeries. Quality of care is not to standards of the USA. People from all over the world come to the USA for medical care including king and queens because of our high standards.
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Sorry but I must disagree with you. I made my decision to go to Cancun based in 2 things. One was getting a brilliant qualified surgeon with high recommendations and talking with his patients after their face lifts. Their private hospitals are very clean and the best attention after with 3 nurses attending me over night. In canada I would have been sent home right away. This doctor did a lot more for me than the surgeons would do in Canada for an incredible price. Now coming to the 2nd point. Cost. Why would I pay $25,000.00 plus here in Canada and go to Cancun and pay $5900.00usd including 2 weeks at a condowith all meds, compression garments and visits covered.
Believe me their quality of care is just as good as the USA and Canada and they have some of the best advanced surgeons who are up on the newest techniques . Look at my photos
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It's quite a misnomer that the US has the best medical care in the world. Yes, if you're dying of a rare disease, or, need the best plastic surgeon on the planet, you're going to find better treatment in the US. But, for the average joe, that just wants the aging to be a little slower, top care does not mean top dollar.
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Why don't people on this site name their surgeons?
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