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I decided to go to mexico for my surgery. I had a...

I decided to go to mexico for my surgery. I had a breast lift as well as tear drops under the muscle. First few days were miserable but I'm confident that the drains are the reason I have zero infection. It has been 8 days since surgery. I have had three children and am 34. I have wanted this for a long time. I would use the same doctor as I have his personal cell number to keep in touch now that I am back in Vancouver.


Sure. Because I got the lift and the implants to get a full double d I had to get 475 cc's. I stayed in Puerto vallarta for one week.
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That's great to hear you were pleased with your doctor and that you've experienced no complications. What size tear drops did you end up getting? How long did you recover in Mexcio before returning home? Looking forward to more updates. Congratulations!

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