29 Years Old ,5'7" 160 Lbs -El Paso Tx

I'm so excited that I finally made the decision....

I'm so excited that I finally made the decision. Today I scheduled the BA , February 21, 2014. The BA is going to cost me $3300 plus, pre-op $65 dollars, and meds $50, so more less 3400 total. Today I had to travel to Mexico, the lab work was done , and I got my antibiotics. I haven't still decide the size, I'm looking for a D or DD. I'm not sure, I will add some pictures.

Yes , I did it

Mild pain , feeling great ,600 cc
DR. Alvarez Regil

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Hello Meli2014 I plan to fly out to CD.Juatrez September 2nd 2014 to my consultation lab work etc with Dr.Alvarez Regil Im very scared yet excited, would you highly recommened him??
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Any updates?
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Wow! I can't believe there is finally someone with similar stats as me! I am 5'7" 155 lbs and 29 as well :) I am also going to get 600cc! Can't wait to see your results!! Happy healing :)
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Thanks ,a lot bruising, but no pain at all, !!
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Hi. I am having mine done in Mexicali with dr Gustavo gaspar on Monday , getting 500cc will love to see your results, good luck!
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