So I Will Be Having my Sx Soon!! Ready to Meet Mr.Campos! - Mexico, MX

This is my first time writing a review, am always...

This is my first time writing a review, am always on here reading all you ladies amazing stories! if it was not for all you realself ladies i would be lost. Am so ready to have a coke bottle figure. I want a big booty but thats not my main concern. What is a big butt with no shape or hips. I want it all, so this is why I chose Campos!! He sculpts like no other. Am so ready to enter March with a newly shaped body and big ass! where all my February ladies at?? am 5'1 and weigh 153 pds hopefully i can loose 5-10 pds before sx

How did everything go? Do you have any pictures?
How was your surgery?
Congrats on ur surgery hun.....happy healing!!!!
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