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Hello All, I have a BBL consultation with Dr....

Hello All, I have a BBL consultation with Dr. Campos for January 2013 that I am really excited about. I was wondering if anyone has a BBL surgery scheduled around that time, and what is roughly his current charge for BBL's now? Also, doyou know what are his financing options? I am super excited, and can hardly wait.

Hello, He does not offer financing. You can go to your bank or credit union and request a personal loan and then pay him. I was going to use him to, but a Florida Doc won my patronage. 4,500 is around what he quoted me recently. It seems like more people on use doctors in Mexico, there is all kinds of pics and threads there.
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I chose Dr Campos for my consultation and possibly getting my BBL done, because I have read awesome reviews and SEEN great work done by him. I want to get that hour glass shape that I have longed for, for years.

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